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Triston Martin

Jan 11, 2024

When it comes to evaluating a company, savvy investors aren't afraid to put in a lot of miles. For example, they examine the company's market capitalization, profits; income; quality of leadership; and dividend rate; A company's stock price, on the other hand, is the true test of a publicly traded securities.

Stocks in these companies are worth a lot of money. The price-to-earnings ratio, for example, has no bearing on this analysis, which focuses solely on the stock's nominal price. By 2021, who knows which stock will command the highest price? Who has the most money in the bank?

Berkshire Hathaway

Founded by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, it is a conglomerate holding firm. The company makes investments in various sectors, including utilities, food and beverage, consumer products, insurance, railroads, and finance. A market value of $634.32 billion makes it one of the world's most valuable firms.

Buffet's reluctance to stock splits contributes to the company's high share price. You'll have to refinance your house to purchase even one share of his firm. The most expensive stock in the world (in nominal terms) is a $427,405 slice of pie from Piedmont Aerospace.

Warren Buffett's corporate empire includes BNSF railroads, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, GEICO health insurance, and other insurance organizations. Approximately 40,000 people attend the company's yearly shareholders' meetings.


As a home builder and mortgage bank, NVR (NVR) is based in Virginia. D.C. is one of the company's 33 cities in 14 states served by the company service. Homes are built and sold by the companies involved in house construction.

NVHomes, Ryan Homes, and Heartland Homes are three of the division's brands. The building goods section of NVR provides and delivers building supplies to the homebuilding unit. The company has two distinct divisions within the corporation's mortgage banking segment. NVR Settlement Services handles settlement transactions for the company's homebuilding segment, while NVR Mortgage serves consumers.

Lindt & Sprüngli AG

It will cost you $116,500 to purchase a share of Lindt and Sprüngli AG, the second-highest stock price ever. The firm is valued at roughly $28.30 billion and is known for making some of the world's best Swiss chocolate. The company operates more than 410 locations in over 40 countries throughout the world, including numerous significant factories.

The corporation's stock price is high in part because of its long history. It was established in Zurich in 1836 by David Sprüngli and has grown ever since. Rudolf Lindt's company purchased the firm in 1988 and renamed it. The company has since acquired confectionery conglomerates like Cadbury and Hershey.

It is no longer limited to the production of chocolate. Besides chocolates and ice cream, Lindt also produces seasonal delicacies, such as the Lindt Bunny during Easter.


In addition to pork, sugar, and alcohol, Seaboard (SEB) is an international company that specializes in cereals and agricultural goods. Milling and commodities traders are also part of their business.

A series of acquisitions, including purchasing its first flour mill in Kansas in 1918, helped it grow. After a merger with Hathaway Industries, it became a publicly traded corporation in 1959. As a result, Seaboard Allied Milling Corporation was born.

With headquarters in Kansas and subsidiaries, non-consolidated affiliates spread around the globe, Seaboard has become a global company.

Amazon Inc.

Even Amazon's all-time high stock price wasn't all that long ago. However, you'll have to go deep into your cash if you want a piece of the company's current success. Jeff Bezos' share of the pie currently costs $3,523.

After Microsoft and Apple, Amazon is the third-largest company on Earth. Over $110 billion in sales and a market value of $1.79 trillion in Q3 2021 made it one of just a few firms to reach the $1 trillion mark.

Considering its magnitude, it's amazing to learn that this business is only a few decades old. In 1994, Bezos opened it in Seattle, intending to turn it into a bookshop. More than a million employees and assets over $360 billion.

What's the world's most expensive stock?

The world's most expensive stock is Berkshire Hathaway. The lack of a stock split is a major factor in the company's exorbitant stock price. Buffet deliberately decided to avoid short-term trading that would have caused increased volatility by deciding against a split in the company's shares.


We've shown here that the world's most valuable corporations don't always have the most costly shares in their company. Our list omits well-known brands like Apple and Microsoft.

Individual investors can afford to buy more of these firms' stock since the value of each share is divided in half. You can't only look at the share's nominal price to get a sense of its price; you also need to look at its earnings per share.


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