Best Banking Apps 2022: What Is the Best App for You?


Triston Martin

Apr 02, 2022

Banks are always trying to improve their mobile banking apps. They're making them better, and they keep getting better. It's now possible to do everything you need to do on your phone with an online banking app that you can use. It's like having an actual bank, but without long lines and long waits. We've compiled a list of the best banking apps 2022 you can use. You can see if your bank is on the list.

1. Bank of America

When technology changes, Bank of America needs to change with it to keep up. The app also lets you manage your Bank of America credit card and bank account on the go. With Erica, a virtual banker, the Bank of America app goes even further. She is there to help you with your money. Erica can help you with your transactions, check the balances of your checking and savings accounts, and even give you advice about spending your money, so don't be afraid to ask her.

2. Discover

Discover is constantly praised for its customer service, and its app is no exception. If you want a full-service bank to have an excellent mobile app, then Discover's app is the best one. It has many online banking features for your bank accounts and your Discover credit cards. You can use the app on your phone to do many of these things. A "Quick View" doesn't need a full login. Check your account balances and transaction history, transfer money and pay bills with it, and deposit checks with the app's help.

3. Chime

In the past, the field of online-only banks was small. Now, it has grown. Because of its great app for phones and tablets, Chime is still the best. This mobile banking app is beautiful and easy to use. It's both beautiful and easy to use. Chime users can still get direct deposits up to two days before they are due, even if it isn't. Use Chime Pay Friends, which lets you send money to other Chime users for free. You can also send money to other Chime users for free.

4. Alliant Credit Union

As long as Alliant Credit Union keeps up with being in the running for the best credit union in the country, they'll keep it up. There are many low-to-no-fee account types and reasonable interest rates at a credit union or a bank. But that lead doesn't stop with the things it makes. Users of Alliant's app like how simple, easy, and rich it is to use. They also like how it lets them manage their money while they're on the go.

5. Wells Fargo

Many people think Wells Fargo is an old bank, but they have some new ideas. The best place to manage all of your accounts is this site. If you want to make money, this app has tools like stock trading and fund research. With Zelle, you can pay your bills and send money. When it comes to security, you can freeze your cards right away to keep them from being used by anyone else, and you can also use your fingerprint or face to sign in.

6. Ally

Ally Bank was one of the first online-only banks, and its low fees and many services keep people coming back to use it time and time again. Another good thing about it is that it has one of the best apps for banking on your phone. It has most of the features you'd expect to find in an excellent online banking app. Ally's best app title has a lot of them. You can move money between accounts, deposit checks, and use Zelle. If you want to set up automatic savings, put debit card controls and send safe messages with tools, you can do that.

7. Chase

A good chance is that you already have at least one Chase credit card, but you might not know it. Chase has a mobile app that makes it easy to keep track of all of your Chase bank accounts simultaneously. You can use the same app to access both your Chase credit card and your bank account safely. Because you want to be extra safe, you can set up face or fingerprint recognition for when you want to log in. In the app, you can see your balances, make payments, deposit checks, use Zelle to send or get money, and mail or get money.


Make it easy to keep track of your money with bank apps that are simple to use. Take a look at your balance while you're out and see if you have enough money to buy something. It's easy to pay for dinner with Zelle. Keeping your account information safe while using an app is easy with the best online banking apps. These apps have extra security features that can help you do that.


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