What Are The Best Renters Insurance?


Triston Martin

Oct 07, 2023

Rental insurance typically costs between $15 and $20 per month, depending on the amount of coverage. Several insurers provide renters insurance plans, and it may be a good idea to bundle it with auto insurance or other forms of insurance to receive the cheapest price on both policies at the same time. Some of the best renters insurance companies were reviewed based on their financial soundness, simplicity of filing and monitoring a claim, coverage choices, discounts, and a variety of other aspects. So, what is the best renters insurance for you?

State Farm

Nationwide renters insurance coverage is available from State Farm at competitive prices with a variety of customised policy choices. Reductions for purchasing several policies are available, as are discounts for adding a home security system. State Farm's renter's insurance covers a wide variety of damages and includes loss of use coverage if the property becomes uninhabitable as a result of a claim. Nevertheless, it excludes damage to property, flood damage caused by floods, and damage due to earthquakes, collapses, settling and degradation of the structure, as well as damage caused by animal activity. Additionally, you have the opportunity to acquire other coverage, such as pet health insurance and identity restoration services. In various states, coverage, price, and other specifics are different, as are discount rates.


The Lemonade Renters Insurance coverage is ideal for college students and first-time renters seeking a comprehensive renters insurance policy that covers the essentials while also being simple to sign up for and instructive in its sign-up process. Additionally, the firm contributes unused insurance money to charitable organisations in addition to providing a user-friendly smartphone app, website, and chat support to customers.


Farmers have higher levels of claim satisfaction than the national average. In addition to offering typical renters insurance coverage, the firm also provides discounts for installing surveillance equipment and being a non-smoker. Personal liability insurance, personal property insurance, a replacement for personal property insurance, medical payments insurance, identity theft insurance, and supplementary living expenses insurance are all included. Policyholders may simply combine their renter's coverage with additional insurance plans such as car, umbrella, life, and others.

You may get an estimate online, and you can also make a claim online if you suffer a covered loss. Getting a quote is simple. Farmers have received an A+ grade from AM Best, which indicates that the company has strong financial and operational capabilities. If you have any concerns regarding your insurance or need assistance with filing a claim, customer support is available seven days a week to assist you. In addition, claim assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

American Family

American Family Insurance provides auto insurance, homes insurance, and renters insurance, as well as life insurance and other forms of insurance coverage. In addition to having agents in 19 states, it also services the whole nation via its affiliates, The General and Homesite Insurance. For renters insurance, American Family offers a wide variety of add-ons, such as travel and pet coverage. The company also provides coverage for home businesses and identity theft.


USAA has a well-deserved reputation among members of the military community, and its advantages are also available to renters. Flood and earthquake coverage are included in its inexpensive renter's insurance plans, which also provide protection against other risks like fire and theft. These are perils that are nearly often excluded from renters insurance policies offered by other firms. The fact that USAA is aware of the particular requirements of military personnel only adds to its worth. For example, USAA renters insurance plans cover the replacement of lost military uniforms without the need for a deductible. And, if you've made the decision to purchase a house or a new automobile, USAA's comprehensive suite of financial products provides you with access to the same high level of service in those areas as well.


Allstate is well-known for its convenient online features, which allows you to evaluate your items, and the Digital Locker app allows you to make a picture record of your goods and save it online. According to MoneyGeek's research, Allstate was the most affordable widely accessible insurance. Allstate does not provide any extra coverages that are unique to the company, but it does provide the opportunity to remove coverages for even greater savings. For example, you may save a few bucks a month by opting out of coverage for the theft of your belongings while away from your home.


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