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Susan Kelly

Feb 21, 2024

Car insurance provides financial safety if your car insurance company goes the extra mile with you. Each insurance company provides some unique to its customers. The top insurance companies provide excellent customer experience.

When you go shopping auto insurance policy, it is important to evaluate the company on the basis of customer service, coverage options, average car insurance rates, available discounts, and level of complaints. Here, we have listed the 5 best car insurance companies of 2022. Keep reading to find which car insurance policy is best for you.

Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022

  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • USAA
  • Travelers
  • Nationwide

State Farm

State Farm is the oldest &'' best car insurance company overall for general customer service and claims satisfaction. This company is ranked on top in New York. The customer service experience is a key factor to consider while shopping for insurance. This company offers an extensive network of agents to help with your car insurance.

Moreover, the company offers numerous discounts and received the highest financial stability rating. There is a helpful mobile app of this company where you can contact agents and file your claims. This insurance company is not available for high-risk drivers.

State Farm is available in about 50 states and Washington, D.C. They offer generous car insurance coverages for good drivers &'' vehicles. Also, they offer coverage for other vehicles than cars like boats, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. In the nutshell, this company is an affordable and large insurer with a great reputation.


If you are looking for the best car insurance company that offers balance service quality and affordability, then GEICO is a great choice for you. GEICO provides multiple discounts and is available nationwide. They offer extensive coverage options, excellent customer service, and impressive discounts.

A highly efficient website and a top-rated mobile app are amazing features that make this company stand out from the rest of the insurance companies. Furthermore, they write policies for the high-risk drivers but these policies are quite expensive. GEICO has a limited presence of agents as compared to State Farm.

Its mobile app is an amazing asset that people love. It allows the customers to manage their policy, file claims, or make changes 24/7 online. GEICO possesses top grades and an A++ rating in financial strength &'' stability. It is one of the reputable companies for dependable car insurance.


If you have a military background, you should shop for insurance from this company. USAA offers excellent rates and discounts for military members and their families. The company provides top-tier customer service and the process of claim filing is quite easy. They provide rewards &'' multiple discounts, multiple coverage options. When it comes to customer satisfaction and financial strength, USAA is the top insurer.

Apart from it, the company offers Rideshareinsurance coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers. The company has a website and mobile app which makes it easier for customers to pay bills, start the claim process, and find any information online. Many customers don't qualify for insurance from USAA because of their strict criteria. The company is a standout for veterans and military families across the globe.


Travelers is a trusted insurance company that offers competitive discounts to help you customize your car insurance policy. Low premiums, a broad range of coverage options, and a proven financial track record are amazing features that make it a worthwhile insurer.

When it comes to claim's satisfaction score, the Travelers is not as highly ranked as the above companies. But it earned a decent score in customers satisfaction while buying insurance. No doubt, Travelers is one of the largest auto insurance companies which is available in 42 states. This is the best insurance company for budget drivers and their auto insurance rates are good.


Nationwide is the top insurance company that is available in most states. The company offers minor rate penalties for poor credit scores and pay-per-mile insurance. Nationwide is best for personalized coverage and customer can earn the discount based on their safe driving behavior. It is tracked through SmartRide and SmartMiles telematics programs.

Moreover, the base rates of this insurer are higher than average. Their website contains all the information related to insurance where customers can find all the possible answers. Also, the company's low number of complaints and broad coverage options make it the best choice for customers.

The Bottom Line

Car insurance is a form of financial protection that covers certain accidents, damage, or liability. These are all top insurance companies of 2022 which provide excellent services. When you're getting car insurance, it is wise to know the full details of that insurer. Each state and company has different requirements for car insurance. Ask about discounts, coverage options, and compare quotes from multiple insurers to find an affordable rate.


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