What Are The Different Types Of Mutual Funds: An Overview


Triston Martin

Dec 03, 2023

If you are from the corporate field, you must know how difficult it is to understand different money management strategies to use for several purposes. However, the professional has made it easy to understand by giving several practical examples, including brief descriptions. Please keep reading to find out about mutual funds and their different types.

Mutual funds are the pooling of money pooled together by many investors. The funds are used to buy different assets and for other specific purposes. To invest, you must know more about mutual funds and the different types. Stand still; we have mentioned them in the article that you can look into.

Get to Know About the Different Types Of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are the pooling of money collected by investors, and then the company is run by experts in the field to handle it professionally. When you buy mutual funds, it means you are pooling the money with other investors.

Mutual funds are handled by the manager who buys the assets and invests the money in several stocks and asset categories. In short, a mutual fund collects money owned by many investors and controlled by the fund manager. It is categorized into different types based on the investment category from mutual funds. Let's have a look over some of the types of mutual funds;

  • Money market funds
  • Debt funds
  • Income funds
  • liquid funds
  • Growth funds
  • Equity funds
  • Funds of funds
  • Specialty funds
  • Balanced funds

Money market funds

This type of mutual fund comes in the asset class. In this type, investors invest in the money market, which runs by the fund manager. The fund manager professionally invests the money into the cash market through the association of banks and other financial institutions. This type of mutual fund runs n e short-term fixed-income securities and has a lower return rate than other funds. However, it is a safer investment with a low-risk rate. The manager invests the money and divides the return among the investors.

Debt funds

This type of mutual fund based on asset class primarily invests in fixed-income securities such as bonds and securities. They invest in different fixed-income scales. The investment comes with an interest rate within the documented date. So, investing money with a lower risk rate can be a great option. If anyone wants to invest money to gain passive income, this is the one to opt for.

Income funds

Like debt mutual funds, income funds invest in fixed-income securities and bonds. Income funds have higher return potential rates with lower risk .they are the better option to choose as investors get higher return rates than other mutual funds.

Liquid funds

Liquid funds come in the very low-risk funds category in which the investors have higher return rates with very low risk. It is a great means of passive income production. The returns are generated by following the debt funds scheme. However, this type of fund is more feasible for investors who are new in the field.

Growth funds

This type of mutual fund is specially designed for investors who have side money and want it to come into the growing scale. For this sake, the money is invested into the growing firms and markets, and the investors grow like the owners. The investors allocate their shares in the growing companies. However, it might be risky somehow.

Equity funds

Equity funds come in the asset class category. They invest the pooled money into different kinds of stocks. They are invested in different shares of companies or stocks. Opting for this kind of mutual fund might be risky, as it associates its growth with the stock market. There are different kinds of equity funds, such as large-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, and stock funds so you can choose any suitable to your requirements.

Funds of funds

These funds are invested in balancing the return gain with the invested money. It can be riskier as it aims to invest the funds in other kinds of funds to earn a return. The funds are primarily invested in other kinds of funds, so their growth rate is higher than the stand-alone mutual funds.

Specialty funds

These funds are close-ended and are primarily invested into the special asset class. The special mandates to invest in can be real estate, socially responsible investment. In socially responsible investment, the funds are invested in companies that offer humanitarian support and help avoid the companies involved in gambling, alcohol production, and tobacco production.

Balanced funds

These funds are open-ended and tend to invest in different kinds of assets to balance the earn rate with invested money. It aims to achieve a higher return rate by investing in different equities. These funds have higher growth rates but risk rates than close-ended mutual funds.


Now, you are introduced to different types of mutual funds. So before investing the pooled money in any mutual funds type, understand how that specific mutual fund's type works. Also, understand what the risks and return rate are. These are the most basic things to consider before investing in any type of. Or else you may end up losing your hard-earned money.

You may also get help from a financial advisor who can help you choose the best option to determine your needs. Moreover, we also recommend you take help from online advisors even if you hire a professional to check on the funds; you must have basic information related to the funds you opted for, which would not lose you.


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