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Susan Kelly

Dec 30, 2022

Everyone is searching for ways to reduce spending in the current economic climate. And while home and auto insurance plans are extremely crucial (not to mention needed in many circumstances), they may still consume a significant portion of your financial resources. Blending your home and car insurance policies into a single package is one strategy that might result in cost savings for you. This is how the process goes.

What Is An Insurance Bundle?

Purchasing many insurance policies from a single provider, sometimes known as "bundling," typically qualifies you for a price reduction. Think of it as a simple and common approach to saving money without sacrificing the level of coverage you get.

The encouraging news is that bundling is used rather often. Many different insurers provide the opportunity to bundle numerous plans together. You could hear the term "bundling" referred to as a multipolicy, "multiline," or "multiproduct" discount, depending on the insurer you go with. If you bundle home and auto insurance, you might get advantages such as the following:

Increased Savings

According to the websites of certain insurance providers, the amount of money you may save by purchasing several policies from the same provider at the same time can go as high as 25%.

Simplified Policy Management

When numerous policies originate from the same firm, handling them is more straightforward.

Insurance Security

If you have filed claims or received fines related to your auto insurance policy, having additional policies with the same company might reduce the likelihood that your insurer would dismiss you as a customer due to those occurrences.

Should You Bundle Your Home And Auto Insurance Policies Together?

Purchasing your home and auto insurance policies can save money, but this isn't always the case. Compare the costs of purchasing separate policies for your home and vehicle with the costs of purchasing bundled coverage to determine whether or not it is in your best interest to bundle your auto. There is no use in purchasing many policies at once if the total cost of doing so would be less than what you would pay for a rate that included all of them.

If your home insurance costs are higher than your auto insurance, bundling your policies will save you the most money. In most circumstances, bigger insurance qualifies for further price reductions. Homeowners insurance plans are often far more expensive than auto insurance policies, so discounts on homeowner's insurance tend to be more generous.

On the other hand, if you have moving infractions on your driving record, if you have a low credit score, or if you reside in a state that has high rates for vehicle insurance, your auto insurance coverage might very well be the more costly of the two. In this scenario, the financial benefits of selecting the auto insurance home that offers the lowest rates outweigh the advantages of receiving a discount of 20% on your combined homeowner's policy. It all boils down to your specific scenario.

Bundling Tips

Take the following actions to optimize your savings if combining your auto and house insurance makes financial sense for you:

  • You may do a comparison of various insurers' bundles online or with the help of an agent. An independent insurance agent can assist you in ensuring you receive the best possible cost by obtaining quotes from several organizations.
  • Make sure there are no third parties. You should inquire whether the insurer works with a third-party insurance business, sometimes known as an affiliate, for either of the policies you wish to bundle. You could still end up saving money, but the inconvenience of having to deal with more than one insurance provider will wipe out any potential financial gains.
  • It is important to get many quotations frequently since home and auto insurance costs might fluctuate from one year to the next. You can guarantee to receive the best possible pricing by obtaining fresh insurance quotes for both bundled and individual plans.


  • Get more personalized service from your provider if you buy many plans from the same insurer. This makes it simpler for the provider to learn about your requirements and preferences. As a result, your agent may be in a better position to guarantee that there are no coverage gaps and that you are insured on the whole than you are yourself.


  • These services cannot be packaged with others of the same carrier: Certain insurers do not provide coverage for both auto and home. Instead, they collaborate with other businesses to provide the bundle discount, yet, each individual policy is insured with a separate insurance provider.


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