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Susan Kelly

Dec 30, 2022

If you've ever used other survey aggregators in the past, you'll probably recognize some of the names that appear on Survey Junkie's list of participating sites. During my evaluation of the website, which lasted for five days, I came across polls from Ipsos i-Say and VIP Voice.

Survey Junkie provides a detailed profile survey, which, according to the company, helps the website locate surveys relevant to the user's demographics. The website awards users 25 points only for registering an account and another 50 points for completing a demographic survey. When I was able to qualify for surveys, the ones I took were engaging and worth many points. I was required to supply the same fundamental information for each survey since I was led to websites that belonged to third parties.

The surveys I was qualified for were interesting and, in most cases, required far less time than anticipated. Even when I was told I didn't qualify for the survey, I had no trouble locating the next one since the user experience of the main site is so well designed.

As with other websites, Survey Junkie would sometimes direct me to a third-party website, where I would inevitably get stuck in an endless cycle of disqualifications. However, it did not occur often enough to be a significant source of disruption.

Success Rate

I was eligible to participate in 12 surveys out of a total of 63. This equates to a success rate of 19%. Because I am a single woman in her 20s who lives in an urban region, my qualifying rate might have been impacted by this or any of a number of other criteria. I had a considerably lower disqualification rate on several other sites due to simple demographics. On other sites, though, I was excluded from my shopping patterns or television viewing interests.

Even if you are eliminated from the survey, Survey Junkie will still award you three points for your participation. You may collect that consolation award an infinite number of times; there is no limit on its value. However, Survey Junkie will not count it as a disqualification if you cannot participate in a survey because it has reached its maximum capacity or because a third-party website had technical difficulties.


On Survey Junkie, it was far simpler for me to accumulate points than on any other site, yet, it was much more difficult for me to get prizes. The minimum amount to redeem an item on this website is ten dollars or one thousand points. Survey Junkie reveals that each point is worth one cent by displaying this information on its dashboard. During my five hours of site use, I could not meet that requirement. I reached $8.62, but 75 cents came from completing a profile survey and receiving a registration bonus. After deducting this incentive from my total earnings, my hourly rate came to $1.57.

I decided to extend my time restriction beyond the allotted five hours and continue conducting surveys until I hit the threshold of ten dollars so that I could see how the points were redeemed. The marketplace was uncomplicated, and a monetary value, rather than a point value, was ascribed to everything sold there. I was apprehensive about providing the website with my address since it wanted to verify my identification before it would let me redeem my purchase. However, the website insisted that I provide it.

I sent a message to the customer service department and got a reply within a couple of hours. The response stated once again that they need the information to "avoid dishonest activities." After I finally provided them with my address, I had no issue exchanging my points for an Amazon gift card.


The platform on Survey Junkie is beautifully designed, the rewards system is easy to understand, and the site's survey screening is superior to any other site I've used. It isn't easy to earn significant money using any of these sites. Still, if you want to give it a go, Survey Junkie provides a more enjoyable experience than most others. Check out our overview of sites where you can complete surveys in exchange for money if you are interested in finding sites with lower minimums required to redeem rewards.

Consider creating a new email account that is dedicated just to the use of these services, regardless of which site you end up using. I received 22 emails from Survey Junkie over five days, and your inbox may get cluttered due to receiving these offers. If an aggregator directs you to a malicious website, you should ensure that you have some anti-malware software installed. And remember to give yourself breaks if your eyes or brain are starting to wear out.


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