Buying a Rental Car


Triston Martin

Oct 07, 2023

The procedure of buying a rental automobile is comparable to that of buying a used vehicle from a dealer. The automobiles available for purchase are advertised on the websites of rental car businesses. You might also go to a site close to you and ask there.


Vehicles are frequently kept in good condition

Rental car businesses adhere to a rigorous maintenance schedule, and all vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection performed by trained professionals. Because it is against the law for rental car businesses to sell faulty, dangerous recalled automobiles until they have been rectified, you may hire a car with the peace of mind that you won't be obtaining a vehicle that has disregarded safety recalls.

No price haggling

When renting an automobile, as opposed to purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer, the price is often already established, and there is no room for negotiation. This may benefit purchasers who do not have the temperament for a great deal of back-and-forth, as the phrase suggests.

The price may be lower than the current market value

Rental car businesses are not aiming to earn enormous profits when they sell off their old automobiles; rather, the primary motivation behind the sale is to create space for more recent models. For instance, Enterprise claims that 75 percent of the prices of the automobiles it has available for purchase are lower than the Kelley Blue Book Typical Listing Price.


Possible to have a greater mileage

While the average annual mileage for U.S. drivers is around 14,000, the mileage logged by rental automobiles is often far higher. You may find 50,000, 60,000, and even higher mileage if you go through the websites of some of the main rental businesses selling their vehicles.

Typically does not include any additional features or components

Most of a rental car company's fleet will likely be comprised of more affordable basic or mid-range models, even though certain rental car businesses may maintain a few fully equipped, higher-model cars in their fleets.

Additional wear and tear

Used automobiles often only had one previous owner, while rental cars may have been used by a variety of persons, each of whom had a unique driving style. When someone rents a car, they may not take as good care of it as they would with a car they owned and drove themselves.

Where To Buy Rental Cars

The websites of the majority of the main vehicle rental businesses have advertisements for available rentals, and most of these websites allow users to narrow their search by location. When you locate a vehicle that piques your interest, give the dealership a call to make an appointment so that you may examine it in person.

Helpful Hints for Those buying to Purchase a Rental Car

Suppose you are thinking about buying a rental car. In that case, you want to make sure you don't make any of the common mistakes people make when buying automobiles, such as purchasing the incorrect vehicle for your needs or forgetting to take into account all the associated expenses. Remember to put these tips into action.

Carry Out Some Research

You should make sure that you are getting a decent bargain by comparing pricing and looking up values on Kelley Blue Book or other sites that provide information on vehicle values when exploring rental cars for sale.

Take All the Time You Need to Decide

Before you make your final choice, you could have the chance to explore the area on your own by renting a vehicle and driving it about for a few days. In contrast, when you buy a new or used automobile, you can only have a brief opportunity to test drive the vehicle. For instance, Hertz's Rent2Buy program enables consumers to hire a vehicle for an extended test drive at a reduced cost for three days.

Find Out More About the Warranties Here

The purchase of a car rental often includes a warranty; nonetheless, it is important to look through all the terms. For example, Enterprise provides its customers with a limited powertrain warranty valid for 12 months and 12,000 miles and 12 months of roadside assistance. In addition, purchasers have seven days from the delivery date to return the vehicle for a full refund of the purchase price, less a restocking charge of $200.

Figure Out Your Financing

Although most rental vehicle businesses provide financing alternatives for purchasers, you are free to look around for your auto loan and select the one that offers the most favorable terms.


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