Best Medicare Part D Providers in 2022


Susan Kelly

Feb 14, 2024

As many as 70% of Medicare beneficiaries are also registered in Medicare Part D and pay for the cost of prescription medication. It's important to know what you're getting into when choosing a Medicare Part D insurance provider since participation in the program has increased by more than twofold since its inception in 2006. For your benefit, we've extensively researched and compared over 20 providers to determine the best and assist you in choosing an appropriate plan!

In order to assist you in finding the ideal Medicare Part D Medical Plan coverage, we've narrowed the field to the five businesses listed below based on a variety of criteria, including their service offerings, prices, ease of use of their websites, and mobile apps, and their overall CMS star rating. A minimum of 40 states were covered by at least one of the firms we analyzed, and each company's top characteristics have been highlighted in further detail. Below are the Best Medicare Part D Providers of 2022.

Best Medicare Part D Providers in 2022


Humana is a standout because of its user-friendly website and straightforward comparison procedure for health insurance coverage. While looking into Humana's Part D packages, your location information (if you've enabled location services) is automatically filled in, and the plans accessible in your region are shown right away. Based on the program you select, you may also be eligible for preferred cost-sharing advantages when you fill your medications at Walmart.

Humana was voted the most user-friendly because of its sincere desire to make the process of applying for health insurance as simple as possible for its clients. When you attempt to apply, you don't have to go through a slew of windows to get the information you need; it's all right there, within easy reach. In addition, Humana has an AM Best financial stability grade of A-, indicating that the firm is financially sound. The Humana website also has instructional resources, such as a wealth of how-to articles and other support materials. If you have any questions or concerns, you may call a live Humana colleague at any time.


There are three tiers of Part D plans offered by Aetna, and the company's website goes into great detail about what each tier offers, so prospective consumers know exactly what they're getting when they sign up. SilverScript Smart Rx, Choice, and plus are the three plans offered by Aetna. Although it is the most affordable plan, the Smart Rx Scheme has the greatest deductibles. Although the Choice Plan has a reduced monthly cost, the deductibles are still relatively high. The Plus Policy's monthly charges are almost twice as expensive as the Choice Plan's, but it promises a zero-dollar deductible for all prescription drug levels (levels 1 to 5).

Both plans offer insignificant co-pays at recommended merchants for Tier 1 prescriptions ($0) and Tier 2 drugs ($5 for Choice & $2 for Plus). Gap insurance is another feature of the Plus plan, and both plans provide mail-delivery medicines as a convenience to their members. Aetna explains this clearly and concisely without getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty. Providing your Postcode will show you plans available in your region and provide you with more precise quotes.


Cigna's site may not be the cheapest, but locating what you're looking for is straightforward. Cigna is financially sound and offers three options for Part D. Due to all of these factors, we rank Cigna as one of the top Medicare Part D medical insurance companies. The AM Best rating for Cigna is A, indicating that the company is steady.

The vast amount of medications on Cigna's formulary helped them win this award. Having as many alternatives as possible when it comes to your prescription medicine is crucial since that's what a Part D Plan is all about. It might be a comfort to know that your favorite prescription, or at least an appropriate substitute, is more likely to be available. If you're on a budget, Cigna Part D Plan rates might be a little on the high side, but this is offset by low or zero copays that allow you to acquire your prescription without emptying the wallet. Because Cigna has been around since 1792, you may be certain that it has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver comprehensive care. With an A rating from AM Best, Cigna shows that the firm is financially secure.


Customers of AARP may choose from three comprehensive plans, all of which are presented in an easy-to-understand manner. If you're searching for basic protection or something more substantial, AARP can help you choose a plan that's right for you. If you're interested, AARP also provides a list of all the Medicare alternatives in your area.

Since Medicare did not exist until 1960, AARP has been a forerunner in providing insurance for the elderly. As a result, all of AARP's material is created with you in mind, with the sole purpose of helping you better understand and enjoy your treatment. If you're interested in learning more about Medicare or comparing plans, you may obtain free materials on the website or contact a representative for help. AARP has all the resources you need to learn all there is to know about Medicare.

The Last Words

We narrowed our list of the finest Medicare Part D firms down to 10 organizations that regularly received three or more stars on the national average. To ensure that our suggestions reach as many people as possible, we whittled down the list based on service region, giving priority to providers with plans that cover at least 40 states. Additional factors were the ease of use of the webpage, plan options, premium pricing, bonuses or additional advantages, and the availability of strategic, cost-saving alliances.


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