The Hartford Insurance Review, 2022


Susan Kelly

Jun 13, 2022

Based on MoneyGeek's rating system, Hartford Insurance is rated as an average insurer. Complaint resolutions are outstanding, and financial stability is above average. In terms of value for money, customer happiness, and price reductions, it's a little below average. Related car insurance premiums for drivers over 50 are frequently sold by Hartford Insurance, a partnership with the AARP. Insurers often don't provide full glass coverage as an option for policyholders.

About Hartford

Nathaniel Terry, the organization's first president, was devoted to assisting people when he founded the company in 1810. As long as the organization has been, it has been there for its clients in times of need. The organization has served and protected the United States through thick and thin, establishing the first insurance policy for a higher education institution – Yale University – and protecting the Illinois home of President-elect Abraham Lincoln. Throughout the ages, Hartford has grown into a place that serves society in whatever manner possible.

The Junior Fire Marshal program was established due to their belief in the need to educate children. Hartford was the first insurance firm to set up a small business support center to help small businesses flourish due to rising business demand for its products and service. Connecticut-based Hartford has been awarded the title of Ethisphere's Most Ethical Company twelve times, although the company's primary focus remains on helping people in tough situations.

How Much Does Hartford Auto Insurance Cost?

We used data from Hartford in two of the 51 states in which it conducts business to calculate the average cost of vehicle insurance for a sample motorist. The average annual fee charged by the company is $1,497, which is neither cheap nor expensive compared to other insurance companies.

For most drivers, Hartford's insurance policies are neither inexpensive nor costly. Regardless of whether they are purchasing full or minimal coverage, this applies to all drivers. The cost of insurance premiums for drivers who have been convicted of minor offenses, such as speeding, is quite low for young people.

Get estimates from a few insurance companies to get the best deal on car insurance. Check out the complaint rates, customer satisfaction scores, and other metrics used to evaluate the overall worth of an insurance business if the cost of auto insurance is not your primary concern.

Cheap or Expensive: Why?

With full or minimal coverage, The Hartford is neither inexpensive nor costly. While the insurance company's policies are competitively priced, they charge younger drivers—considered riskier because of their lack of driving experience—less than most of their competitors. However, coverage for drivers who have a history of moving violations may be more expensive.

Insurers' rating processes are opaque, and most charge more for additional coverage, poor credit, and young drivers. Hartford is an outlier in insuring new drivers because of its high success rate with this demographic.

The Hartford Offers Discounts to Help You Save

Discounts from Hartford's auto insurance policies might make the policy even cheaper for customers. Bundling, defensive driving, and airbags are all included in the standard savings offered by the insurance company. However, it does not provide savings for having more than one vehicle insured, being a good student, or having a clean driving record.

No matter how you slice it, The Hartford offers two special savings that few other insurers provide: one for anti-lock devices and another for renewable energy sources. Make a direct comparison between The Hartford and other car insurance providers.

If you'd like to compare Hartford with other big insurance carriers in your state, MoneyGeek has the tools you need. When it comes to customer service, affordability, and unique coverage, we use our comparison tool to illustrate how The Hartford stacks up. To further aid you in comparing insurance policies, the application provides links to further information.

Does Hartford Provide Unique Coverage?

Hartford normally offers liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage like all other vehicle insurance providers. Standard coverages like roadside assistance, rental and trip reimbursement, accident forgiveness, gap insurance, and deductible modification can all be purchased in addition to the basic policy.

However, it is worth noting that Hartford does not offer additional coverages for new or better replacement vehicles. Full auto glass insurance is one of the insurer's distinctive add-on options. No deductible is required for this coverage, covering damage to your vehicle's headlights, mirrors, and windows.

Is Hartford Right For You?

Finally, if you're an AARP member looking for a low-cost home and vehicle insurance, don't neglect The Hartford. Hartford has a strong financial foundation with more than two centuries of experience and fewer complaints against it than any other major insurer. Those under the age of 50, on the other hand, will have to look elsewhere for a package deal that includes auto, house, and life insurance.

Additional reductions may be available if you are a young driver with prior driving experience enrolled full-time in school. Drivers between the ages of 25 and 60 are often eligible for the most affordable rates. On the other hand, drivers over 50 can get significant reductions on their vehicle insurance with The Hartford. The AARP vehicle insurance agreement is one of the reasons for this.


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