Best Equipment Financing Companies in 2022


Triston Martin

Jan 05, 2024

In many cases, a company may need to buy new equipment. When it comes to running a business, the correct equipment may have a significant impact on the company's success. Many small and medium-sized enterprises may not be able to afford expensive equipment. Heavy machinery isn't the only kind of equipment. For example, small businesses with annual revenues of less than $50 million spend 6.9 percent of their income on IT expenditures. So, they need to get a loan from the best equipment financing companies.

This may have a significant effect on the financial health of many companies. Equipment finance lenders provide loans to businesses in the same way that personal loan firms do. These loans provide you quick and easy access to tens of thousands of dollars whenever you need it most for your company. We've put together this guide to assist you in locating the finest equipment financing options for your particular company.


To receive the greatest equipment financing, you must be sure you're receiving the best price possible. What is your secret to success? You might begin by applying Lendio. On this list, Lendio is a loan marketplace rather than a direct lender, unlike most other lenders. That implies that when you apply for a loan via Lendio, you may be eligible for financing from a wide range of equipment finance providers. Lendio will truly help you choose the ideal lenders for your situation. You'll be able to compare the offers of your potential partners. Also, remember that Lendio does not ensure you will obtain the match you want.

Crest Capital

Since 1989, Crest Capital has offered equipment finance. It is possible to get 100% financing for new and old equipment from this Georgia-based lender, and the application process may be completed in as little as one day. There are financing options that enable you to buy equipment from the supplier of your choosing.

24-84-month terms are available, with sums ranging from $5,000 to $1 million. It takes Crest Capital about 4 hours to process a loan application for a sum up to $250,000. Loans in this category may be approved using a variety of factors, including time in company and credit score, without the need for detailed financial documentation.


Credit may play a key part when looking for the finest equipment finance for your company. In addition to affecting your interest rate, your credit score may also restrict the conditions of your loan or exclude you from specific lenders. As a result, Currency is our top selection when it comes to lending to small businesses with terrible credit. Regardless of a customer's credit history, the organization provides financing. If you have a subprime credit score, be prepared to reduce your borrowing limitations or raise your interest rates.

Up to $500,0000 in equipment financing is available via Currency. Fast approval and even same-day financing are achievable in certain cases. There is no need for a down payment; however, putting money down may lead to better loan conditions. The most frequent duration is five years, although it's possible to go as far as six years. The borrower may have to pay loan origination costs.

National Funding

Leasing equipment from National Funding is possible for as much as $150,000. Down payment isn't required for applicants. An equipment estimate from a vendor and a minimum of six months in business is required for approval. A 24-hour turnaround time is possible for the approval procedure. The firm also provides a "lowest payment" guarantee, which will give you $1,000 if you don't get the lowest leasing payment possible. Amounts are paid monthly, and the periods are between two and five years long.

Balboa Capital

You could also have to wait a long time to get funds through lending markets, SBA loans, or regular lenders. As an alternative, Balboa Capital can provide same-day funding for business equipment. Applicants should expect a response within an hour of submitting their application. However, replies don't pay for the tools we need to accomplish our work. In the end, Balboa Capital would also get your money (in many cases). If you don't have it already, you can obtain it quickly.

Balboa Capital promotes $250,000 loans; however, you may acquire a greater loan by contacting. If you don't apply and get funded quickly, you'll lose out on the main selling factor. Be aware of the fact that you have the choice. Balboa's same-day equipment financing is our preferred method of financing. Because of it, Balboa Capital is a standout in the lending industry.


Equipment purchases for small businesses are often out of reach for most owners. In the case of equipment finance, you have the option of either borrowing money or leasing the equipment. Using this method, you may receive the machines or equipment you might have to run, grow, or profit from without paying the whole amount up front. Financing for equipment is available via these businesses.


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