How to Cash a Check in a Hurry

Triston Martin

Feb 14, 2024

The Type of Check Matters

The kind of check you're trying to cash will make the difference. Banks are only required to make the initial $200 or so accessible to you for commercial or personal checks in one business day. Checks issued by government agencies may be treated differently. You'll typically have access to all the money within one business day following the banking day. According to the policies of your bank and procedures, other checks could be eligible, for instance, cashier's checks, payroll checks from local employers, or checks from insurance companies.

If you can't cash a check in full of its value, you might require a deposit. How quickly you'll be able to get the cash, in this instance, is contingent on the kind of deposit you deposit. Deposits made by hand to bank employees are best if you require money quickly. You can also deposit the money through an ATM or the mobile app; however, these methods may have longer wait times for bank deposits.

Check-Writer's Bank

The most secure and fastest method to cash out is taking your money to the check writer's bank. The credit union has the writer's funds and can transfer money from the account of the writer of the check and transfer it to your account immediately at the bank. If you choose to go to an alternative bank, it is impossible to ensure you've got a legitimate check and the money is actually in the check writer's bank account. The bank's logo or name is on the back of your check. It is unnecessary to visit the exact branch where the check writer is. You can go to every branch of the bank. Be sure to carry proof of identity and make sure that it is the same as the name on the check.

If you don't have a bank account at the bank, you may have to pay a small cost of several dollars to get the check deposited. It could be that the bank won't cash the check since you're not a client. In addition, depending on the amount of your check, you might not be allowed to cash it as certain banks limit the amount of money they can disburse. It's best to visit one of the banks' larger branches, which typically have more cash available.

Cashing a Check at an ATM

It's not as simple as making a trip to a bank, but you can also cash checks at ATMs. It's not the case for every ATM. ATM allows this feature; however, some ATMs only allow depositing the check, while some won't allow checks. If your ATM permits this, you can carry your check, bank card, and a pen (to sign your check) into the ATM and follow the instructions on the screen. You may need the total amount in your account before the ATM to disburse cash.

You Can Try Your Own Bank

Your bank or credit union could be a viable alternative to cash a check, provided you aren't concerned about your check being rejected because the person who wrote the check cannot pay for the check. The check is less than $200, or it's a government-issued check. It is not necessary to incur any charges. Your bank will accept the check at no cost since you are an existing customer. But, it can take several days for the checks to be cleared; therefore, you won't be able to tell immediately if your check was rejected. In most cases, banks will let you accept up to $200 in a single transaction or within a business day if nothing appears suspicious. But, you'll need to return that money and the cost (which could be between $25 and $30) if the check is found to bounce.

Check Cashing and Retail Stores

If your bank isn't open and won't accept checks, or offer over $200 cash in exchange, try to cash at merchants. It is most likely to succeed when you use a government-issued paycheck; however, you might also be able to make small personal checks cashable. Big-box supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores usually accept checks in exchange for a small cost, usually around a couple of dollars. They generally restrict how many personal checks they accept to $50 or $100.

Suppose you have an unimportant personal cheque (less than 25 dollars). In that case, it is possible to contact customer service if they're able to offer an exception, especially if you're an existing customer. Be prepared to be turned down. Check cashing centers are a different option to cash personal checks. They usually are open later than banks and can cash larger checks than retailers. But, check cashing centers typically charge a high fee in addition to an amount equal to a portion of the amount on the check.

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