Which Are The Best Websites to Find A Job In Finance?

Susan Kelly

Apr 12, 2022

On the other hand, candidates might gain a significant advantage if they can identify and use the appropriate tools for their search. Additionally, the site has a blog that contains several practical suggestions for obtaining the ideal job, such as how to write an effective cover letter and how to make the most out of attending a job fair. Here are nine websites that may be useful in your search for a financial position.

eFinancial Careers

There's much to be said about doing job searches on websites entirely dedicated to your sector. One of the most popular job boards in the financial field is eFinancialCareers, which lists finance positions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific area, among other places. From investment bankers and asset managers to business analysts and actuaries, positions for anything will be available to job searchers in the coming months.

Job Bank for the Financial Sector

FinancialJobBank is another site where you may refine your search results even more. The site, which focuses on the United States than eFinancialCareers, allows you to search through hundreds of accounting and finance careers, ranging from entry-level employment to more advanced ones. By creating an online Career Portfolio, job seekers may also attract the attention of potential employers.


One of the most difficult obstacles in any job hunt is distinguishing oneself from the competition by being more than simply another résumé. LinkedIn, a professional networking site, can provide a personal dimension to your search that most other sites cannot provide. Yes, you may check for job titles that interest you on the internet. (You may also want to check out Investopedia's lesson on financial careers, A Guide to Financial Careers). However, you may also go via your network to see whether you know someone who works at the firm. Alternatively, you may search up the recruiter or hiring manager to check if you attended the same institution as they did to see if you are a match. Utilizing these aspects of the site, you may be able to establish a relationship with the organization that you would not otherwise have.

Indeed and Hired

The job search websites Indeed and Hired are unbeatable when exploring the biggest number of jobs in the shortest period. It is largely the same way both platforms operate, gathering thousands of job postings from corporate websites and other job boards. What websites, if any, should you utilize in addition to Indeed and Hired? Most likely not. However, they serve as a useful safety net, allowing you to apply for positions that you may not have been able to find via more industry-specific sites.

Association for Financial Professionals Website

Rather than searching at big, one-size-fits-all employment sites, it might be beneficial to check into professional groups in your area rather than looking at job boards. The Association for Financial Professionals, sometimes known as the AFP, is one of the most well-known best websites in the financial industry. Its "Career Center" lists largely mid-level to executive-level positions, making it a fantastic place to focus your job search if you're already a few years into your professional career.

Robert Half

This website has hundreds of job vacancies from firms all around the globe, and it is updated every day. Because the postings originate from companies that Robert Half collaborates with, many of the employment opportunities on the website may not be available on other job search websites. In addition to providing work possibilities, the website also provides information and guidance on job hunting and career advancement. These programs often include a list of educational providers that have been "authorized" by the school, corporation, or credentialing program to give continuing education (CE) credits to its members.


Jobs are collected directly from partners and news media in the United States, and CareerBuilder is regarded as one of the largest job boards in the world. Candidates may narrow their choices using the search option, which allows them to filter by numerous factors, including salary range. Remuneration may be defined as remuneration or money that a person or employee gets in exchange for their services or their work for an organization or a business.


Dice.com is a good place to start your job search for those seeking technical positions. The job postings on this site may be filtered depending on the firm's name, the job title, the employment type, the location, or any term that is relevant to what you're searching for. After registering, you will be able to submit your résumé and see salary information on the finance website. Besides that, Dice.com provides tech news and job counseling.

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