An Essential Guide to Survey Monkey's Revenue Generation

Susan Kelly

Oct 04, 2023

SurveyMonkey's parent company, SVMK Inc., made its Nasdaq debut on September 26, 2018, following a massively compelling initial public offering. Who raised an additional $180 million by adjusting the price range and increasing the number of stocks sold through an initial public offering (IPO). A 60 percent gain was seen in the first few trading days for the company's common stock.

When many of its colleagues and peers were struggling, SurveyMonkey was founded in 1999 during the height of the dot-com boom. Over 20 years since SurveyMonkey was unnoticed, primarily in the finance industry. Investors may wonder, though, how this company generates its revenue.

Modes That are Either Free or Paid For

According to SurveyMonkey's website, it offers a "freemium" approach. Survey services can be used for free or for an additional fee, depending on the user's needs. Our most basic tools and resources are available for free, but we reserve our most additional features and resources for our subscription plans," the firm says. Free SurveyMonkey services allow users to create surveys with up to 10 questions and 100 replies, and they can utilize some of the more basic data-processing capabilities.

Customers can use the free service to try out SurveyMonkey's products and get a feel for the feedback gathering process.

Solutions For Other Organizations

If you only know about SurveyMonkey's simple surveys, you may be missing out on a wide range of business services and solutions. Organizations and businesses can use SurveyMonkey Apply to manage the creation and acceptance of job applications and other forms of application. In contrast, the others, like SurveyMonkey CX, are geared toward customers.

It's All About The Numbers

SVMK Business requirements 2018 income of $228.8 million, 5.6% more than the $207.3 million in revenue it reported in 2016. Since January 1, 2019, that figure has been $123.2 million. The company had been suffering from significant losses, but it has been able to reduce them during the past year. Who incurred a net loss of $3.8 million in 2016 compared to $78.4 million in 2015?

It's Essential to Conduct Market Research

A company must first identify its target market or consumers to conduct market research. It is an essential part of a company's long-term plan. Skilled workers may want to clarify between "marketing research" and "market research," stressing that marketing research design is concerned with marketing. Instead, the focus of market research is on markets. To stay one step ahead of the competition, consumer research is necessary.


Behavioral forecasts, among other factors, classify a smaller number of customers into more specific categories as part of a more complex kind of segmentation called micro-segmentation. Segmenting clients based on their relationship with a company is called customer micro-segmentation. To maximize each customer's worth to the company, a company must first segment its customers.


Giving a good or service in exchange for monthly or annual recurring subscription money is the foundation of subscription business models. Thus, they emphasize customer retention more than acquiring new customers. A subscription model is essentially a business model that focuses on generating money in a way that a single customer pays for access to a company's product or service.

You Can Also Hire a Company to Survey You

With SurveyMonkey's price plans, you may develop and distribute surveys to your staff or customers' mailing lists. However, if you'd want to use SurveyMonkey's global audience to gather objective data, you can add that service. If you wish to construct a survey and distribute it yourself, SurveyMonkey's price is competitive, according to the Pollfish staff. As a result, if you want the option of using SurveyMonkey Audience, you'll need to pay an additional charge for each response.

The Best Way to Use Your Paid Subscription

Before signing up for SurveyMonkey, ensure sure your aims for the data are clearly defined. How often do you think you'll use them? How will your business or customer experience be improved as a result of this information? Having an idea of the worth of your surveys will help you determine the best pricing alternatives for your organization. In this manner, you can save costs while still obtaining the functionality you require.

Costs of Surveymonkey

A well-known product for gathering feedback from customers and workers is SurveyMonkey. Although its free plan has limitations, it's a good option for companies because most basic capabilities are simple and free to utilize. Paying for a plan may be a smart option if you're not currently getting what you want from your service.

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