The Best Apps for Using Coupons

Susan Kelly

Apr 18, 2022

When Extreme Couponing first began airing in 2009, people would collect paper coupons from newspapers and magazines, cut them up, and organize them into coupon binder or folder systems. Since then, obviously, a lot has changed. Even while paper coupons are still around, technological advancements have made it much easier to save money by using coupons.

Using the finest coupon apps, you may save money automatically or receive money back on every dollar spent. Some require you to scan receipts, while others allow you to build up rewards or discounts by linking your debit and credit cards to your account.

Exactly How Do Coupon Apps Work?

Various coupon applications may behave differently depending on which one you use. Some coupon applications, for example, automatically apply coupon codes when you purchase online at participating stores, which can save you money.

While some function in conjunction with your shop loyalty programs, allowing you to add deals that may be used to save money in a physical location. There are a variety of coupon apps out there, some of which focus on saving money while others allow users to receive cashback or gift cards for their purchases.

How Much Money Can a Coupon App Save Me?

A coupon app's savings depend on where you buy and how much money you spend each year. How much time you're willing to invest in searching for the greatest deals can also affect your savings. For example, the Honey app claims that its users save an average of $126 a year by using their app, which boasts an average discount of 17.92 percent on purchases.

Are Coupon Apps Trustworthy?

There are a variety of coupon applications available, and although they can all save you money, some are more reputable than others. There are documented issues with coupon programs that require receipt scanning, such as missing out on deals you might uncover through a thorough search.

You may have difficulty getting the app to read your receipt if it is blurry or does not include all the needed information. Savings opportunities may be lost due to this, with no fault of your own.

How Much is a Coupon App?

The majority of coupon applications are free. Online or on your phone's App/Play Store, you may find them. Despite its costlessness, don't succumb to pressure to buy products only because of a coupon in the app. For example, it's better to build a shopping list first and then evaluate which coupon applications are appropriate for the products you already intended to acquire.

The Best Coupon Apps to Save You Money

Saving money at the shop does not have to be limited to using coupons from the Sunday paper or joining a retailer's e-mail newsletter.

That's not the case at all. When it comes to saving money, there are several coupon applications available.

1. Tada

To get cash back, you send your receipts to Tada. Prodege owns this app. Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two of Prodege's most popular cashback and cash earning companies. Tada is a service that gives you money back when you shop online by directing you to participate in merchants through their portal. Using the app's coupon function, you may easily print coupons from

Once your Tada account balance reaches $10, you may cash out. Gift cards from PayPal, Amazon, and a slew of other merchants may be used to replenish your account. A $10 sign-up incentive is now being offered to new members; keep an eye out for these, although this might change.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is more than just a simple discount app for coupons. Depending on the store, a tiny amount of your purchases can be refunded from 1% to 40%. The typical cashback rate is anywhere between 3% and 10%.nOnline businesses from Wal-Mart to Target to Lowe's to JC Penney to Macy's participate in the event.

So, if you buy something online, you can receive some of your money back. You'll get cash back at over 30 retail locations by logging in with your Rakuten credit card. No receipt is required for purchases made using the mobile app. However, it is required to initiate the shopping session before checkout.

Discount codes are available on the Rakuten website and may be entered at checkout to lessen your total purchase price. Once you've earned $5 in cashback, your rewards will be sent to you by check every three months. After signing up, you'll get a $10 extra credit, and it's completely free.

3. Honey

There are just a few ways to earn discounts on Amazon if you've ever done so. Honey makes it a bit easier to come up with savings ideas. You may save money by using our coupon software, which automatically enters all available discount codes at checkout. Even while buying on Amazon, it can offer you the lowest pricing.

With Honey, you may save money at Amazon, most major discount retailers, department stores (including online pizza orders), and even restaurants!

4. Coupon Sherpa

There are a lot of wonderful printable coupons on Coupon Sherpa, one of the oldest couponing applications, which can be used in a range of retailers. You can find restaurants, department shops, malls, big-box stores, and niche businesses within seconds of looking at the alternatives.

In addition to discounts, Coupon Sherpa has many more features. Coupon coupons and other bargains are also available through mobile apps. Print out coupons or use the app to determine how much money you'll save. You're covered either way.

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