How to Make A Living As A Teenager: Ideas to Begin in 2022

Susan Kelly

Jan 23, 2024

What are you searching for as a parent of a child? Here, I'm assuming you are a concerned parent looking for a solution to the following: How can a child generate money? However, if you are a child or adolescent who is still keen to make money, you should first seek your parent's advice. So you may rely on their life experiences.

Innumerable advantages accrue to youngsters who take up an income-generating pastime. For example, students learn how to budget, be responsible with their money, and make good use of it. Because of the Internet, everyone, young or old, has the opportunity to generate money.

How I Made Money As A Child

My parents were not well-off while I was growing up. My mother and brother raised me while my father worked long hours. Between the ages of 10 and 11, I learned that I couldn't have all I wanted.

Even if I wanted to buy something when we were at the mall, I'd be told "next time" while I gazed longingly into the storefront windows. My mental model of money had not yet fully formed. One day while I was in elementary school, a buddy asked if I might assist him with his paper route. It was probably about 1988 in the dead of winter, soon after Christmas.

My friend agreed, and he took me through the process. Getting ready for "on-the-job training" meant getting up at 4:30 a.m. on day one. It was about -20C outdoors, and there was a thick blanket of snow on the ground.

Job Opportunities for Youngsters and Teens


If your child is over the age of 14, they may be able to earn money babysitting in most cities. Understandably, grownups need some alone time at the end of the day, given their hectic schedules. However, young people seeking employment as babysitters must first demonstrate their abilities.

Consider babysitting for free the first time to gain a client's trust. Adults will be more inclined to suggest you to others, such as friends, neighbors, and family members if you consistently perform above their expectations.

Dogs to Pet Sit or Stroll

It was rare for me to meet a dog owner who wasn't worried about their animal. As it turns out, most dog owners regard their pets as family members. Dogs, on the other hand, require specialized care and attention.

People's lives may be hectic, but pets still want attention. Owners of dogs frequently turn to others for help walking their pets. This may be a terrific choice for your youngster who adores dogs when it comes to making money!

Websites that provide pet care services can help children and teenagers locate clients in need. An excellent example of this type of service is A parent's endorsement is required for minors.


Blogging may be a simple method for your child or adolescent to earn money if they have a knack for writing. It is advantageous for a youngster to blog since it helps them develop their writing abilities over time.

A young person's most excellent bet while at home may be to create a blog. However, before your child considers this choice, they must be enthusiastic about the subject matter.

Video games, for example, are top-rated among children and teens. You may also assist them set up a review site because they encounter so many games.

The site allows the youngster to rate and comment on the most recent games they've played. Your child or adolescent should be able to include footage of themselves playing the activities.

The Benefits of A Teenager Working

Many teens aspire to have a job as they become older and take on more responsibilities. The cost of raising teens may be a significant concern for many families. A car, insurance, and petrol may rapidly add up if your adolescent is the one behind the wheel.

Earning a living Your teen's perspective is likely to see this as the most evident advantage from their standpoint. Teenagers get a tangible reward for their hard work when they have their own money to spend. They'll learn money management concepts from earning to spending to saving.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Teens Working?

Work and after-school activities can often collide with teenagers who have jobs. It's possible that your adolescent won't be able to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities if they begin working. If they're taking many classes, their work may get in the way of their schoolwork.

There is no definitive solution to whether or not teens should work. Several variables come into play. Teenagers who worked in massive research were divided into four groups. Participants in the "highly involved" group worked on average for over 20 hours per week for 22 of the 24 months they were tracked.


You don't have to be broke just because you're young! The Internet provides a world of options for creating your own money. Learning how to create money online can provide you with some financial freedom and put you prepared for adulthood.

Give these strategies a go to find what works best for you. If you look hard enough, you'll discover something entertaining and financially rewarding.

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