Cheapest Time to Book a Flight

Susan Kelly

Dec 10, 2023

Are you looking to find the lowest-cost flight? You're not the only ones. We're constantly trying to find the most affordable cost of airline tickets regardless of whether you're traveling to visit family members or to plan the next trip of a lifetime. With the advent of the internet and the online travel agents and discount companies that have replaced traditional travel agencies and travel agents, we have access to a wider variety of choices and prices, and all within reach. Plane tickets are generally less expensive as you get closer to your departure date. The flights are typically the least expensive if you purchase between four and three weeks before the date of departure. Based on the 2019 Annual Airfare Study, you will see prices increase after this time. There could, of course, be some other variables that could impact this. Holidays and seasonal changes, for example, may affect pricing on different dates.

Shop on Tuesday

The most convenient time to reserve a U.S. flight is usually Tuesday, around 3.30 p.m. Eastern time. We've explained why Tuesday is an ideal day to buy airline tickets in the past since many airlines launch sales on Tuesdays, which prompts other airlines to offer the same prices, making Tuesday a great day to get a wide range of discounts. But don't worry about it, you can also find bargains on other days.

Domestic Travel

According to a study in 2021 conducted by, on average, the ideal time to buy flights for flights on an international trip is 64 days before departure. Remember that this is a generalization this doesn't mean that you must log in exactly 64 days before departure and that you should search for flights at 64 days out. The season also makes a huge difference. discovered that the lowest-cost flights were discovered 67 days before the summer vacation and 94 days before a winter trip and 84 days before an excursion in spring, and 89 days before the fall trip.

In the case of domestic travel, prices are higher at the time that tickets are first announced, around a year before the departure date. According to, the prices are slowly falling until they reach the lowest point from 95 to 21 days (roughly between three and three weeks) before the departure date, and after that, you'll probably notice a sudden price increase.

However, since the 2022 year is about recovering from travel, the trend may not be the case this year. Hopper anticipates an increase of 7 percent in the cost of domestic flights each month until June. (The Hopper hasn't announced its forecasts for the second half in the calendar.) This year, it's all about analyzing airfares and making purchases when you spot an attractive price.

Traveling Long Distances

If you're heading to Europe or even further, consider during the colder months (January/February) to avail of the lowest prices! No matter where you'd like to go, we have the facts and experience to ensure that you get the most affordable bargain on your flights! Suppose you're looking to get out and explore Europe or cross the Atlantic to experience seeing the sights of America. In that case, September is the ideal month to book your flights, with an average cost of PS143 and PS519 and PS519, respectively.

Exotic Destinations

If you're looking to go more exotic, then January is the month to book your trip. It offers the most affordable prices for trips to Africa (PS441) and Oceania (PS895). Also, do not book flights for these places during July, when prices increase to PS122 for African excursions and PS286 in the case of traveling to Oceania! If you're looking to travel to the Eastern pleasures of Asia are appealing to you, then the months of November and January are the ideal months to plan your dream vacation, with an average price of PS475 as compared to the average price for May and June that are higher than PS540.

Lock-in A Deal on A Flight for The Entire Day

Suppose you book your flight at least seven days before departure in advance. In that case, it is required by the Department of Transportation requires that airlines operating within, in, or out of the United States allow customers to cancel their flights without cost within 24 hours. If you find affordable airfare, you are able to keep it for 24 hours as you explore the options or decide what you're planning to do with your trip.

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