What Does The Inground Pool Cost in 2022

Triston Martin

Nov 26, 2023

People who reside in warm environments may see the need for an inground pool, especially during the summer seasons. Others might consider it a luxury and might even consider it a way to invest in their home. These are stunning water features that can add enjoyment to your backyard and add worth to homes. In contrast to above-ground pools, inground pool costs are in a level area in your garden. Before their installation, landscaping professionals can excavate and create an area where the pool is.

What Is The Cost Of Happiness?

The most crucial aspect to think about is the joy you'll bring to your family and yourself. Be aware that this is a chance to make beautiful memories in the pool, feel secure and safe in your backyard paradise, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Pools are ideal for exercise and staying fit. It is possible to replace the gym subscription, put aside the stationary bike, and get rid of the costly workout app while forming better relationships with friends and family and living life to the fullest.

Do You Think Adding A Pool Will Boost Its Value For Your House?

In the past, home improvement projects don't increase the worth of your house in proportion to the cost. However, now that the health crisis has impacted our lives, we're seeing that many home buyers are thinking about having an in-ground swimming pool as an excellent value and is improving its value to your house. In addition, Leisure Pools(r) offers the transfer of their warranties for pools in the initial five years after purchase free of charge. If you purchase an existing pool and later opt to let it go to sell the house, you can fully transfer the warranty to the new owner.

The Pool Cost

Let's say you want to have a pool with no bells and whistles. You want to discuss the basics. If you're interested in something more such as full-width steps or a slide, be aware that it will cost more. There are two options to purchase the pool equipment you want: a store that sells it to the public and an online distributor such as Royal Swimming Pools. This option alone will impact your budget more than the pool you select. Here's why.

Retail stores generally pay us the same price for our kits, mainly on the internet, yet they still have to make money from the kits they buy from us. Because many websites sell these very same kits in bulk, the prices are so low that even builders purchase their kits from us to give to their clients. There are only pool kits for sale. Most people who go to the store choose to buy from them because they can get installation for an extra fee.

The Installation Cost

If you buy an online tool kit, you need to construct the pool yourself. You can save a considerable amount of money when you opt to do it as a DIY project, but that isn't the only option. Although most of our clients install their pools, They outsource some or all of the work and do the work themselves. However, the reason for this can save them lots of money could be a surprise to you.

Things That Could Raise (Or Lower) The Cost Of An Inground Pool

This is a more in-depth overview of the factors that affect the cost of constructing an above-ground pool.


It's not surprising that it is a significant element in determining its cost. This is a combination of the dimensions of the perimeter of the pool as well as its depth. The smaller shallower pools are less expensive than more profound, more expansive ones.


The materials you select to line your pool play a significant role in determining the cost. Gunite (concrete) and fiberglass are considered premium materials and will be more expensive than vinyl.

Your Region

In general, the higher living costs in your region and the higher your costs, the more you'll be required to spend on pools. Additionally, certain areas have stricter regulations for safety in pools, such as additional features and modifications that raise the cost of a pool.


There are many ways to personalize an in-ground pool. These include freeform forms, beach entries or caves, and more. These types of adjustments could quickly push the cost of a swimming pool above the $100,000 mark.


If you can complete your work, it could cut substantially off the cost. Many companies offer inground pool kits that include all the materials you require. If you're not ready to do everything yourself, search for an expert who can cooperate alongside you (some will and some will not).


Planning and installing your dream pool could seem like an endless project. Outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, or new flower beds There's a lot you can do with your pool. Even if you've got only a tiny backyard, you can take advantage of the luxury of a pool. Get in touch with an expert professional or a pool builder close to you for expert help in constructing and installing the ideal spot to enjoy a swim or splashing with your family and friends.

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