Safety Insurance Review 2023: Pros, Cons, And Everything You Need To Know

Susan Kelly

Mar 03, 2023

New England is home to Safety Insurance, a local auto insurance provider serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. The company provides affordable auto insurance and friendly, local service. Yet, it is not well-known for being technologically innovative or providing uniformly excellent customer service throughout its locations.

Their persistent dedication to independent agents and consumers has helped Safety Insurance become one of Massachusetts's top property and casualty insurance providers. They have found great success by adhering to the tenet that they will always provide the greatest service possible while also providing the best insurance products possible at reasonable prices.

The organization encourages employees to excel by providing a safe working environment and various benefits that help them advance professionally, financially, and personally. The safety insurance they work for allows for a 37.5-hour work week and flexible hours, a great compromise between work and personal life. The safety team thrives in our upbeat downtown Boston location in the middle of the city's bustling financial center.

Which commercial policies does Safety Insurance provide?

Safeguarding their assets and legal standing against the financial fallout of a covered loss, Safety Insurance is an invaluable tool for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Restaurants, offices, specialty contractors, and wholesalers are just a few business types that can enroll in Safety Insurance. Equipment failure is also automatically covered by Safety Insurance. Commercial auto and umbrella insurance are also available at affordable rates.

5 Reasons People Love Safely:

Peace of Mind:

Knowing you're covered for visitor damage, theft, and other difficulties is priceless. Theft insurance lets you replace lost items. To repair renter damage, you've insured. If your home burns down, you're protected for up to $1,000,000.

Syncs With Your Calendar:

Insurance companies can be irritating and time-consuming. will charge you for sharing your booking calendars. It assures you always insure your guests.

Guest Screening:

Hosting a stranger is risky. Guest background checks are time-consuming and costly. performs guest background checks discreetly. They can check the guest's criminal background with their name, birth date, and address. also keeps a database of guests who damaged rental properties. They'll block those guests from booking your property.

Claiming Process Is Quick:

Making a claim and receiving a refund to replace or repair items is one of the most tedious parts of working with insurance carriers. made this process fast and easy. Claim submission takes 5 minutes, and 80% of claims are settled within 4 days. It was quick.

Accredited and Trusted:

Property insurance matters.'s accreditations show that it's a trustworthy insurance firm. They are VRMA-accredited, BBB-registered, and MetLife Digital Accelerator-accredited.

What Discounts Does Safety Insurance Offer?

Customers can save money on various coverage plans with the discounts available from Safety Insurance. Some of the items eligible for a discount are:

Excellent driver plus discount:

There is a potential 24% savings for safe drivers who have not had any mishaps in the last six years.

Amazing Driver Reduction:

Those drivers with a clean driving record from the previous five years may be eligible for a discount of up to 10%.

Safe Roads Alliance:

Members of the Safe Roads Alliance, which includes drivers who enroll in In-Control Crash Prevention, are eligible for a collective discount of 5%.

Multi-policy discounts:

Policyholders can save up to 10% by combining numerous policies into one payment.

Loyalty discount:

Customers who remain with Safety Insurance for a specified number of years are eligible for a 4% discount.

E-Customer discount:

If customers choose combined account billing with an electronic bill and match the criteria for an account credit, they can save up to 7% on their bill.

Group discounts:

Customers receive these price breaks based on the industry in which they operate. For additional information on Safety Insurance's savings opportunities, consult an impartial insurance representative.

Safety insurance pros:

Advantages of Having a Safety Insurance Policy: it is a reputable company with over 40 years of expertise in the insurance sector. The policy includes various coverage plans for commercial enterprises, including property and liability insurance.

Also, it provides affordable policies for your home, car, and business. Besides, top-tier insurers of homes, cars, boats, and more in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine are included. The BBB has accredited it since 2009.

Safety insurance Cons:

  • Excluding Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
  • As opposed to other small airlines, there are fewer options for discounts.

What types of individual coverage does Safety Insurance provide?

With a stellar reputation for auto and home insurance, Safety is a clear frontrunner in the industry. Auto, homeowners, umbrella, scheduled personal property, and watercraft insurance are all part of their personal lines offering, and all of those accounts are their target market.

They provide various rebates and endorsements to your policy's basic coverage to better safeguard your most prized possessions. Safety Shield Plus, Safety Supreme Plus, Safety Complete, Home Cyber Risk Coverage, Service Line Coverage, Home Systems Protection, and Identity Theft Insurance are some supplementary policies on offer. Bonuses for accident-free driving are also on the table.

Employee Salary:

Safety Insurance provides its employees a competitive salary and a wide range of benefits, including health and dental insurance, a 401(k) with a 100% matching contribution, paid time off for volunteering, and paid college tuition.


The Safety Insurance Group, Inc. is an insurance holding company. Products for insuring personal vehicles are offered to customers. In addition, it offers a selection of property and casualty insurance plans, including those for homeowners, commercial vehicles, dwellings, personal and commercial umbrellas, and businesses.

Those interested in inland marine or watercraft insurance can turn to Safety Insurance. The insurance plans offered by Safety Insurance are distributed throughout Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire by a group of independent insurance agents. The headquarters of Safety Insurance can be found in Boston.

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