The Hartford Auto Insurance Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Susan Kelly

Mar 03, 2023

Hartford is a respected vehicle insurance provider because of its over 200 years of offering customers reliable protection. Hartford's insurance reviews, coverage options, typical pricing, and other factors are examined in depth by their specialists and compared to other major auto insurance carriers.

To ensure you have the finest coverage for your automobile, you should also look at the rating of the top auto insurance providers. Get insurance quotes from many providers to evaluate the market and make an informed decision. What's best for your neighbor may not be for you regarding auto insurance premiums because of age, vehicle type, driving record, and the insurance company.

Choices for AARP Insurance:

Liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, PIP, comprehensive, and collision coverage are all included in AARP's auto insurance policy from Hartford, just like they are with other major national insurers.

However, the other regular policy elements of AARP's plans, like the RecoverCare benefit, which is tailored to the requirements of older persons, may be appealing to senior drivers. Car accidents can make it much more challenging for elders to do even the most basic jobs. RecoverCare will pay for any essential home services for a limited time following a covered accident, easing the financial strain on the victim and their family. Examples include driving, cooking, cleaning, yard work, and dog walking.

Accessibility and benefit amounts may vary by state, but a policyholder generally gets up to $2,500 in coverage for six months. The elderly, their carers, and their families may greatly benefit from this.

Types of Coverage from AARP/The Hartford Car Insurance:

As with their other insurance offerings, AARP/The Hartford provides a comprehensive package for auto insurance. Many kinds of vehicle insurance exist, including liability, collision, comprehensive, glass, and no-fault. Exclusively for AARP members, AARP/The Hartford is a leader in delivering comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Cost Factors:

Your premium will not be anywhere near the national average. When determining an individual's premium, insurance companies consider many variables.

Forms of Insurance:

The cheapest liability insurance plans provide the bare minimum of coverage required by law in any given state. The prices will increase if you add coverage for yourself and a few extras.

Coverage limits:

However, increasing your coverage limits will increase your monthly premiums and total insurance costs.


The rates for young drivers are typically the highest of any age group, although sometimes the rates for seniors are greater than those for middle-aged drivers.


Your monthly premium will increase in proportion to your deductible amount. Raising your vehicle insurance deductible is one way to reduce premium costs.

Accidents and tickets:

You should expect to pay more for vehicle insurance if you have a history of collisions or tickets.


Due to regulatory and risk factor variances, rates vary between states and within ZIP codes within the same state.

Status of one's credit:

Insurance companies can't use your FICO score to set rates in some states. Insurance rates in certain states are often higher for those with poorer credit scores.

Hartford auto insurance: how does it work?

Hartford provides both basic vehicle insurance and optional coverage. Hartford's regular car insurance packages consist of the following:

  • Damages for bodily harm: Pays for the other person's medical bills if you cause an accident and they get injuries.
  • Responsibility for material damage: Anyone whose property was damaged in an accident you caused is compensated for their losses.
  • Safety against physical harm: Pays for damages regardless of who was at fault in an automobile crash.
  • Collision: Reimburses you for any necessary repairs to your wrecked vehicle.
  • Comprehensive: Provides compensation for mechanical failures, theft, weather-related damage, vandalism, flood, fire, theft, animal collision, etc.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists: You and your passengers will be covered in a collision with someone with either insufficient insurance or none.
  • Hartford Auto Insurance Rates: Average auto insurance rates in Hartford are higher than the national average. The annual premium for comprehensive insurance from Hartford is $2280. Hartford's discounts may be able to reduce the overall cost of insurance.

Hartford may be an excellent choice for AARP members due to the increased costs many insurance providers impose on drivers as they age. However, new drivers may not benefit as much from the policies. Hartford is a great option for auto and house insurance due to its lengthy history and trustworthy reputation.

Discounts from The Hartford:

Hartford's auto insurance coverage is already reasonably priced, and discounts may make it much more so. The insurance offers standard savings for bundling, safe driving, and airbag installation. However, there are no savings available for things like having a good driving record, being a good student, or insuring numerous vehicles

However, Hartford stands out from the crowd by providing two discounts—anti-lock and alternative energy—that many other insurers don't offer.


  • Products for vehicle insurance are plentiful.
  • It is possible to combine coverage for your house and car.
  • AARP members receive discounted prices and other perks.
  • Regarding house insurance, policyholders can choose from various protection levels.
  • It is a cheap alternative for young drivers.
  • Full glass protection is provided as an optional extra, which is not the norm.
  • It's not common for a government to subsidize anti-lock devices and renewable energy sources.


  • AARP members may get preferential treatment compared to others who aren't.
  • Unfortunately, this service is not offered in all states.
  • Unsatisfactory in J.D. Power's poll of renters' insurance customers.
  • Only via one's workplace may one obtain life insurance.


Exclusive to AARP members, Hartford provides auto insurance through AARP. Auto insurance members of AARP have access to various savings and benefits. Extra accident coverage may be worth the cost of AARP auto insurance, but be aware that Hartford receives more complaints than other major insurers.

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