Get To Know The Valuable Benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve

Triston Martin

Mar 02, 2023

The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers great Value for travel enthusiasts; soon after its introduction in 2016, it's become an instant hit. It is wrapped with exciting features and offers in credits, gift cards, and merchandise. However, the most popular among travelers are booking their travel through Ultimate Rewards Portal at approximately 50% or more.

Chase Sapphire Reserve offers its holders a complete lineup of rewards and offers; you can enjoy and access Priority Pass Select Lounges, application fee reimbursement on Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, and numerous benefits in Visa Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection.

Valuable Benefits of Chase Sapphire Reserve

There is a long list of benefits; we will dissect every Value that Chase Sapphire Reserve provides to its consumers, but before diving into the benefits, you must evaluate on your own whether or not you need this card if you are an avid traveler or your work requires you to travel more often than you can reap the maximum benefit from your Chase Sapphire Reserve.

But if you don't need it and only want to have it as an option, then it may not serve the maximum benefits to you; it is better to avoid any extra cards as each costs you a subscription fee or other charges annually. Below are the benefits that it offers to its consumers.

Welcome Bonus

You can get the signup or welcome bonus in the form of 60,000 reward points, which you can spend or redeem and use for travel purposes. But it comes with a condition of spending at least $4000 in the first three months from your account; the dollar value of these reward points ranges from $900 to $1200.

Bonus on Travel and Dining

The Chase Sapphire Reserve provides great rewards for traveling and related items; you will earn 3 points for Chase Ultimate Rewards if traveling and dining. On every dollar spent, you will earn 1 point on other purchases.

Similarly, you can earn more if you purchase using Chase Ultimate Rewards; you will get 10 reward points on every dollar spent on Chase Dinning, car rentals, air travel, and hotel stays.

Redeem Rewards at 50% more Value:

Usually, Ultimate Rewards points hold the Value of 1 cent per point, but if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you can redeem them at 1.5 cents per point and book your traveling needs. It provides a 4.5% effective reward rate on traveling and dining and 1.5% on your other purchases.

Transfer Your points with Partner Airlines and Hotels

There are at least a dozen airlines and hotels with whom you can transfer your points at 1:1 through their loyalty programs, implying that you can get more juice than 1.5 cents per point. The list of partner Airlines and Hotels includes:

  • Airlines: KLM/Air France, British Airways, Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Iberia, Jetblue, Southwest, United, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, and Singaporean Airlines.
  • Hotels: Hyatt, Marriot Bonvoy and IHG

$300 Reimbursement In travel Credit Annually

It is regarded as the signature Chase Sapphire Reserve benefit, where you get a $300 reimbursement to your travel credit every year, directly cutting down the cost of carrying the card to $250. But the purchases made with the reimbursement credit may not earn you 3x points.

Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Entry/NEXUS credit

After every four years, you can get a $100 reimbursement in your credit for the application fee for TSA PreCheck, NEXUS, or Global Entry if you charged it with your card. All these services provide you access to special security lines and custom screenings at national or international airports and expedite your Airport entry or exit, saving much of your time.

Earn points on Lyft rides

You can earn reward points by using Lyft rides; with every dollar spent, 10 points are added to your account, valid till March 2025; this makes an additional 7 points on top of the 3 points you normally spend by spending a dollar while traveling.

Free DoorDash Membership

With your Chase Sapphire Reserve, you will get a free DoorDash membership for twelve months; not only that, but you can also get free delivery on orders above $12, which otherwise cost $9.99 per month in delivery charges.

No Fee on International Transactions

Many cards charge an additional surcharge fee on all international transactions outside the US, typically 3% of the purchase. Still, your Chase Sapphire Reserve has no fee or surcharge on transactions made outside the US.

Access to Priority Pass Select Lounge

Another extraordinary benefit that helps frequent travelers is free enrollment in the Priority Pass Select Lounges. It costs you dollars, and you can access 1000 lounges in more than 500 cities worldwide. One thing to note is that it doesn't include the lounges operated by US carriers, including American, United, and Delta.

Perks at Chase Luxury Hotel & Resorts

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Cardholder can enjoy different benefits and perks by staying at one of the properties in chase luxury hotels and resorts. The benefits include breakfast for two daily, Free WiFi, free room upgrades whenever available, and flexible Check Ins and Check Outs. On top of all, you can also get Spa packages and restaurant credits available on a particular property.

Special Customer Hotline

Chase Sapphire Reserve, credit card holders, don't have to wait to talk to customer care in case of error or emergency; they have a dedicated customer support line, ready to help around the clock 24/7.

Medical Insurance

Chase cardholders and their immediate relatives get medical coverage of $100,000 in case of a medical emergency during their travel.

Final Thoughts

Chase Sapphire Reserve provides great Value and benefits to its holders, especially travelers; it benefits them in numerous ways, from earning rewards points equal in Value to the dollar, reimbursements in dollar amounts, free stays and perks at Chase luxury properties, medical coverage during travels, a dedicated helpline and much more. Before getting any card, it's better to learn whether it benefits and suits you.

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