Bank of America Credit Cards Mobile App Review 2023: Pros and Cons

Triston Martin

Mar 01, 2023

Bank of America is a great option; you can use it online and in person if you want a bank. Bank of America's Preferred Rewards program is unparalleled in the industry and helps the bank retain a large client base despite its low-interest rates compared to internet banks. The bank has one of the greatest apps available, packed with useful features.

The Bank of America Mobile App is well regarded among the many banking applications. It offers an interface that is as straightforward and understandable as feasible. The app's many features make it simple to keep track of your money no matter where you are.

There are native versions of the Bank of America app for Android and iOS. It's offered in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store for download. This software, once downloaded, will provide you access to your accounts from any device at any time.

About BOA Mobile App

When it's working properly, mobile banking makes it easy to manage your money no matter where you happen to be. Nevertheless, not every mobile banking app lives up to the hype. Thankfully, the Bank of America mobile app has many useful options.

Anybody who uses a Bank of America checking, savings, or credit card can benefit from the app. Customers of Bank of America who doesn't want to enter a branch will find this feature helpful. You can avoid making the trip to the branch entirely by using the available resources.

The app appears to have all the standard features. You'll be able to manage your finances, from making payments and deposits to monitoring your account balance and even setting up personalized security notifications. Yet, the BOA app isn't just a simple calculator. You can access your account balance, recent purchases, and bonus eligibility.

If you're a customer of BOA and want to manage your finances from your mobile device, you may do so with this app. This app is not for you if you are not a Bank of America client and have no intention of becoming one.

The BOA App Features


The Bank of America app is simple to use. The account's many parts are labeled correctly, so you can easily hop about. While using the app, the dashboard will be your starting point. In seconds, you can access your accounts, track your spending, make payments, and even view your credit score from the basic dashboard.

Nonetheless, you may alter the interface to your liking. Your choices for managing account alerts are not included on the default dashboard. Choose which account activities should trigger notifications by navigating the menu.

A Comprehensive Record Of Your Activities

The app provides a detailed account of your purchases as a Bank of America credit cardholder. You may view your monthly outlay here. You may also explore general topics like travel, shopping, and fun. You can quickly identify potential budgeting issues by seeing how much money you spend each month.

Safety and Security

Security is essential in any mobile banking service. After all, you must have confidence that the software will keep your financial transactions safe. There are a plethora of security measures to choose from.

Such examples are fingerprint sign-in on finger-enabled devices and one-time authorization codes. And if you ever feel that your card has been used fraudulently, you may lock it or report it to the bank. You won't be held responsible if you immediately report fraud to Bank of America.

Access To Credit Report

With the Bank of America App, you may check your FICO credit score for free. Such details may be seen on the app's account dashboard. The app does more than show your credit score; it also details the major contributors to that number. Your credit score is automatically updated once a month on the app.

Convenient Access To Reward Details

All across the world, clients with a Bank of America credit card may easily access their card's perks with a few clicks. Users of cashback cards may automate their redemptions from within the app. If you choose this method, your monthly incentive will be transferred into the account of your choice.

Nevertheless, the automated transfer won't begin until you have accumulated $25 in rewards. Customers using rewards credit cards from Bank of America may easily access and keep track of their benefits with the app.


  • You'll probably use the app more than the website because it is handy.
  • No more late penalties due to forgetfulness; this app will show you when payments are due.
  • There is no longer any need to waste time in the Post Office or Driver's License Bureau just because you need to conduct some banking. The app's features include account balance monitoring, transaction history inspection, and bill payment facilitation.
  • Using this app, you may update your physical location, contact information, and electronic correspondence from your mobile device.


  • As a result of its extensive feature set, the software might be confusing and difficult to use for certain users.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to send a message or start a live chat with BOA's customer support team within the app.


To keep track of your finances, you may use the app offered by Bank of America, which offers a wide range of useful tools. Those who typically utilize Bank of America accounts will appreciate the app's conveniences. A fantastic app experience won't convince you to switch banks if you aren't a Bank of America customer.

Instead, you focused on finding a bank account that fits your needs. The minimal returns and costs won't be conducive to your long-term financial plans. The BOA mobile app is a useful tool for consumers. Despite the app's many benefits, you won't be swayed to open an account with Bank of America if you aren't comfortable dealing with a large financial institution.

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