Best Cheap Renters Insurance in Florida

Susan Kelly

Jan 13, 2023

Renters in Florida need to be aware of the dangers of living in the Sunlight State, even though life in Florida has advantages, such as not shoveling snow off their cars, beaches, and year-round sunshine. Renters insurance in Florida protects your valuables if they are damaged by natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, tropical storms, sinkholes, and other hazards.

What To Know About Florida Renters Insurance

Standard renters insurance policies do not protect against all-natural catastrophes that might strike in Florida, including hurricanes, tropical storms, sinkholes, and tornadoes.

For example, most renter's plans exclude damage due to floods. Because of this, if you reside in a ground-floor flat and the storm surge from a hurricane destroys your things, your homeowner's insurance policy will likely cover your goods if you have also purchased flood insurance. Find out more information on flood insurance for renters. Most renter's insurance plans cover wind damage; however, in high-risk "wind-pool regions" of Florida, you may need to obtain this coverage separately in addition to your renter's policy.

Sinkholes are a common occurrence in Florida, and as a result, the state mandates that all homeowners' insurance policies cover any damage caused by "catastrophic ground cover collapse." However, it is important to note that this does not account for damage caused by sinkholes that are less severe than catastrophic. Even while sinkhole loss coverage is included in all of Citizens Property Insurance Corp.'s renters policies, more extensive sinkhole coverage often comes at an extra fee and is available.

Citizens Property Insurance

The state government of Florida established this charitable organization to supply those in need of property insurance who cannot get it from any other source. You will only be permitted to get insurance through Citizens if you have been rejected for coverage by all other Florida insurers or if estimates from other firms are more than twenty percent higher than the premium Citizens is willing to provide you.


This huge national insurance gives its customers a selection of different coverage alternatives from which to pick. For instance, you can add coverage for Brand New Belongings to your policy so that you are guaranteed the highest possible compensation for any personal property lost, stolen, or damaged. Renters in Florida may be required to consult with an agent rather than purchasing a policy online to get coverage.

State Farm

State Farm, the biggest insurer in the United States, provides identity restoration coverage as an endorsement that may be purchased for an additional $25 per year on renters insurance policies. This coverage helps you monitor and repair your credit after an incidence of identity theft, and it will pay related charges up to the policy's maximum of $50,000. Your coverage limits will be increased to reflect the higher costs due to State Farm's inflation coverage, another advantageous aspect of State Farm's renters insurance products.


Renters at least 55 years old and retired might save up to 25 percent on their Allstate renters coverage if they qualify for the discount. You can also be eligible for a discount if you get auto and renters insurance from the same provider or if your residence is equipped with certain safety and security measures. Ask your Allstate agent about a flood insurance policy that the National Flood Insurance Program backs if you reside in an area prone to flooding.

American Integrity

This Florida provider has a few more coverage options that you may find helpful. You can increase your coverage limits to ensure that your pricey jewels and laptops are suitably protected in the event of a loss. You may also add coverage for things kept in a self-storage facility or receive paid-for-the-recovery costs associated with identity theft or cyber-attacks. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, despite this, the firm has received a substantially higher number of customer complaints than was anticipated from state regulators.

Universal Property

Universal Property, a Florida insurer with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, provides various savings opportunities. You can be eligible for a discount if you are over 65, have not made any claims in the last several years, or have had a home security system installed. However, according to the NAIC, Universal Property has received a much higher number of consumer complaints than anticipated for a size firm.

Tower Hill

With headquarters in Gainesville, this insurance provides clients with various options for tailoring their policies, including additional coverage options for computers, identity theft, and credit card forgeries. Tower Hill policyholders may make claim submissions through the website or over the phone.

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