Review of Progressive Renters Insurance

Susan Kelly

Dec 31, 2022

Defamation of character, libel, and slander are just some of the things that might result in personal injury claims, but you have options.

HomeShield plans include supplemental insurance for many different types of property and perils, such as expensive collections, watercraft, guns, and business equipment. HomeShield also includes upgraded protection for your home computer and a backup water/sump pump system.

Renter's Insurance Rates from Progressive

Although Progressive's renter's insurance premiums are higher than those of many of its rivals, for around $18 per month you may acquire a respectable level of coverage.

What Does Renters Insurance from Progressive Cover?

In general, renters insurance will cover the following.

Insurance for private property: Your appliances, furniture, clothing, artwork, cookware, jewellery, rugs, and more are all protected under this policy. Problems like vandalism, theft, fire, smoke, heavy snow/ice, explosions, and falling objects are all compensated for.

When you injure someone or damage their property unintentionally, liability insurance will pay for the costs. Having this kind of coverage might help you pay for legal fees and settlements if someone is hurt in your apartment and you are found liable. If you are ever sued due to an accident, your insurance will cover your legal fees.

Liability insurance

When someone is injured in your apartment, you can turn to your medical payments policy to help pay for the associated medical expenses regardless of who was at fault. If a visitor sprains their ankle after slipping on a wet floor, they can use their credit card to pay for immediate medical attention. The dollar amount of medical payments coverage typically sold is $1,000.Extra costs like lodging, food, and laundry are reimbursed if you are forced to relocate because of covered damage to your house (say, a fire).

Security for the cost of replacement

You should add this protection to your policy if it is not included. If anything gets stolen or destroyed, replacement cost insurance will replace it. The depreciated worth of an item is all that can be claimed under actual cash value coverage.

How does Progressive's renter's insurance compare to other policies?

Progressive renters insurance provides not only the fundamental forms of protection listed above but also the following optional forms of coverage:

Insurance for laptops at home gives you peace of mind that your electronics are protected. Your home computer's business use is protected by this endorsement as well.

Libel, slander, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, unlawful eviction or wrongful entry, and false arrest, detention, or incarceration are all examples of personal injuries that are covered by this policy's liability provision.

Any damage to your belongings caused by water that has backed up through the sewers or drains or that has overflowed from a sump pump will be covered by this policy. There are higher limits on some types of coverage with the Homeshield R bundle. It raises the limit from $1,000 to $2,500 for items like comic books, trading cards, and memorabilia insured against theft or loss. There is protection for medical expenses and a sump pump if disaster strikes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Filing a Claim with Progressive Insurance for Renters

Progressive acts as an insurance broker, therefore the policy you purchase may be underwritten by another insurer. American Modern, Foremost, and Homesite are all examples of such businesses. Your renter's insurance claim must be submitted to the appropriate insurer. Call Progressive at 1-800-776-4737 if you have any doubts about the company.


We ranked renters insurance providers by discount percentage (30%), coverage variety (50%), and premium cost (20%). Quadrant Information Services is an insurance data analytics firm that provided us with their prices for renters insurance.

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Home insurance premiums that go up gradually

The difficulty in comparing Progressive's rates to its competitors stems from the company's need for a robust quotation comparison tool. Progressive's forms for auto, motorbike and renters insurance make it challenging to specify your preferred coverage levels.

Instead, Progressive utilizes your address input to calculate an estimate of your home's value, then displays a range of pricing from local underwriters from which you can choose. You'll have to negotiate with a real estate agent if you want a different price than what the site suggests.

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