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Susan Kelly

Dec 30, 2022

Using the envelope approach, your income is allocated to different expenses, such as housing, food, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. A strategy like this will help you avoid exceeding your spending limit and stick to your spending plan. Many customers have reported that the approach has helped them control their spending habits and avoid impulsive purchases.

For each digital envelope on Goodbudget, you may assign a spending limit and categorize your expenses. The program has separate "envelopes" for recurring and irregular costs, such as property taxes. Envelopes can also be used as a means of monitoring savings progress. Goodbudget provides visual representations of your progress.

Goodbudget, in contrast to some other budgeting programs, necessitates manual entry of all income and expenditures. Unfortunately, there is no option to link your bank account with the app for instantaneous balance changes. This necessitates regular app updates.

Advantages that rank among the best

You can use Goodbudget without spending a dime. The free edition allows you to try out the program without spending any money, but it has fewer features than the paid version. Compared to other budgeting tools, the commercial version is still less expensive if you upgrade.

Simply put, it makes sense. Unlike many of its rivals, this budgeting program requires little time to learn how to use it effectively. If you're in a hurry and want to get started, Goodbudget is excellent software because of its ease of use.

Multiple-device support Goodbudget is compatible with both iOS and Android. Because the app syncs automatically between devices, you are managing your finances is a breeze even while you're on the go. However, the subscription plan allows for as many as five devices, while the free plan only supports two.

It's a reporting system.

Goodbudget is great if you enjoy looking at charts and reports. In its reports, you can see exactly where your money is going and how far along you are in reaching your objectives. The reports might be an encouragement to keep working toward your targets.

Compatibility with a large user base The commercial version of Goodbudget allows for two or more users, which simplifies household budgeting. The modifications made by one partner when using the app to track financial transactions are automatically updated on the other partner's smartphone.

Allows for the import of files containing bank transactions. Bank transaction files can be uploaded; unfortunately, your bank account cannot be synced with the app for automated updates. This is a great technique to assure precision and correctness in your figures, especially if you enter transactions by hand.

How can we make things better?

A free version of Goodbudget's app is available but includes restrictions that may force most users to upgrade to a paying plan. Features of the free and premium versions are further detailed below.

Expenses must be recorded by hand. Goodbudget needs the automated syncing of its rivals, so you won't be able to see your account balances as they currently stand. Your purchases can't be monitored automatically. If you need to remember things, your app can give you a false impression of your financial status.

The process of using it is lengthy. Despite its seeming simplicity, much manual work is involved in using this program. Several competing apps already have this feature built-in.

Sparse ancillary options

This is a partial app for managing your finances. No services related to keeping an eye on your credit score, recommending financial items to you, or providing an overview of your wealth are included. It's a straightforward calculator for making budgets.

Possible Variants To acquire a free, more feature-rich budgeting app: Compare that to Mint, which has more features. You can check your balances and see how much money you've spent and how much you've saved in real-time. To reduce the amount of time spent performing repetitive tasks, you can connect your financial accounts. In addition, Mint can recommend suitable financial items for you to consider.

Review of Mint, Please You Need a Budget can be considered an automated app. After the free trial period ends, this software requires a monthly or annual subscription to continue using its full suite of features and emulation of the envelope approach for budgeting, which tries to maximize the impact of each dollar. You Need a Budget includes supplementary materials that might help you improve your budgeting and financial management skills.

How much does it cost?

There is a cost-free version of Goodbudget available. If you have strict financial constraints, there may be other options than a complimentary plan. You'll have to upgrade to the premium plan if you want additional features or space for paper mail.

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