Guide to Installing the Bloomberg Terminal

Susan Kelly

Jun 30, 2022

The lesson entitled "Beginner's Guide to Bloomberg" will introduce you to one of the most popular and commonly utilized sources for real-time financial information in the business world. This introduction to a Bloomberg terminal is geared toward those new to Bloomberg and will offer a high-level overview of the platform.

Following that, we will discuss the fundamentals of navigating the Bloomberg system. The keyboard used to navigate Bloomberg is not the same as the keyboard used on a "regular" computer; some of the keys on the Bloomberg keyboard are not the same as those found on a standard keyboard.

Gaining Access

There are two different entry points into Bloomberg to choose from. The first step is to sign up for a Bloomberg service subscription. You can accomplish so by contacting them; the basic contact number is (212) 318-2000. After your conversation with a representative, that person can take notes on the specifics of what you are looking for and ask that a sales team member gets in touch with you. The pricing and conditions of the contract are customized to each user and will be discussed with you when a sales team member gets in touch with you.


The login screen for Bloomberg is seen in the screenshot that can be found above. Each user has a user name and password that will enable them to access the system, but if you are using a public facility, you may have to share this information with other users. After you have successfully signed in, you can begin using the Bloomberg system immediately.

Navigational Fundamentals

The fact that the Bloomberg terminal is a Windows-based application, from the point of view of the end-user, means that it is compatible with the widely used Excel software. This is an element of the system that is extremely significant for individuals who work in the financial business. Through its Bloomberg Anywhere service, customers may use the application online and on their mobile devices. Bloomberg also provides users with access to the application.

Bloomberg Tickers

The majority of Bloomberg's tasks are performed with the use of acronyms and tickers. If someone were searching for a quotation on Microsoft stock, for instance, they would start by typing the symbol for Microsoft (MSFT), press the key, and click enter. These menus provide an ideal approach to discovering what analytics are available for a certain security or market since very few people know more than a tiny percentage of the virtually endless number of choices accessible on Bloomberg.


You are going to discover that the Bloomberg keyboard has a key that is green in color. You may find that this key is your greatest ally when you are just getting started with the system. You may acquire information about the screen you now see by pressing the help key once. After that, you will have the opportunity to ask your question through the live chat with a Bloomberg professional who will be able to direct you on how to use the terminal as well as any specific feature that you are attempting to access.


One of the many benefits of Bloomberg is that it has a messaging system that is rather powerful. One of the reasons why Bloomberg is so widely used in the financial sector is because of this mechanism, which makes it possible for users to maintain in touch with other users. You can search up other users of the system to send them a message, and if there is someone you speak to often, you can also put them up on speed-dial for easier communication. You have two options available to you while communicating.

Reports and Analysis of the Markets

The Bloomberg terminal may be used for various tasks, including the analysis of individual stocks, the monitoring of news updates, and the movement of financial markets. Even in this regard, there is an infinite number of options available, and the one consumers end up selecting is often a question of individual preference. On the other hand, new users may begin their experience with the app by familiarizing themselves with a handful of the most typical displays.


When searching for news on Bloomberg, the easiest way to start is to type into the search bar and then press the button. These functions load a page that contains the most recent versions of the top news articles for the day, which are updated continuously. You will be taken to the complete article if you click on any of these headlines. There are further sub-menus available inside the function that will enable you to read news items filtered according to the asset class, geographic location, or subject you choose.

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