How to Find The Best Tenant Screening Services?

Susan Kelly

Jun 25, 2022

We evaluated 18 tenant screening services about their prices, the scope of services they provide, how quickly they process applications, and whether or not they comply with the FCRA. Based on this analysis, we selected the top seven strategies to assist you in safeguarding your money.

First Advantage

First Advantage comes out on top as the company that offers the most comprehensive range of services because of its extensive collection of white papers and datasheets, as well as its usage of a human review procedure to reduce the likelihood of receiving false-positive results.


  • Access to a database containing information on the dynamics between landlords and tenants
  • Links to the ecosystems of their many partners, who provide supplementary services
  • Daily updates to the database of criminal records
  • Review by humans to limit the number of false positives
  • FCRA-compliant


  • No prices are listed on the website; please contact for an estimate.
  • The website's navigation may be perplexing.

First Advantage was established in 2003, and since then, the company has expanded to 26 sites across 14 nations, making it one of the biggest screening services in the world.

Smart Move

Some property owners work with real estate agents to promote and screen potential tenants for their rental properties. Real estate agents with this obligation will find that SmartMove is the most useful tool available to them since it allows them to manage several properties from a single account and charge prospective tenants for tenant screens.


  • Requesting a report does not require you to be a member.
  • One account allows you to manage several different properties.
  • You are free to charge the applicant for the screening, which TransUnion will carry out following FCRA.


  • Federal, state, and municipal regulations may prevent SmartMove from providing information about certain criminal histories.
  • Through the establishment of SmartMove in 2008 by TransUnion, small company realtors were given the strength of large customers in their efforts to complete criminal reports in a timely and cost-effective manner.


RentPrep, which Fidelis Screening Solutions offers, is the most cost-effective choice for landlords that manage more than one property because of the company's low bulk volume pricing.


  • It is responsible for the hiring, training, and employment FCRA-certified screeners.
  • Significant price reduction for those who own 50 or more homes.
  • associated with the SmartMove Reporting service provided by TransUnion
  • Support for customers is available by phone, chat, and email.


  • Cannot deliver reports immediately after request.
  • There is no possibility of directly charging the candidates for the background checks.
  • A credit score is not included with the Credit Check Add-on service.


E-Renter does not have the lowest price entrance point, but it is near the lowest, and the content of the Basic plan includes criminal records, sex offender searches, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments. Although E-Renter does not have the lowest price entry point, it is close to the lowest.


  • The staff members have their FCRA certification and are bonded.
  • The website outlines the laws that apply in each state.
  • Included in the basic bundle is a search for sexual and violent offenders and criminals.
  • There is no need for landlords to conduct inspections before beginning the screening of renters. 24/7
  • Report examples available on the website


  • There is no choice but to charge the application directly.
  • The landlord services do not contain a comprehensive credit report as part of the credit check.
  • E-Renter was established in 2003 by two individuals who owned rental properties and wished there was a more effective method for landlords to check prospective renters.


VeriFirst received our vote as the most comprehensive service because it provides instant reports, integrated complementary services. This helped VeriFirst earn our vote as the most comprehensive service.


  • Employees have obtained FCRA certification.
  • A comprehensive resource for learning that is both free and up to date
  • Instant reports
  • Compatible with existing property management software.
  • Transfer to the online debt collecting system in a seamless manner


  • There are no online prices.
  • Cannot directly charge an applicant for anything.
  • Must contact to determine which services fall under the basic category and the premium category.
  • There are no published samples of reports to see.


BetterNOI is aware of how important it is for a landlord to have an accurate criminal background check, as well as how to search for records that do not appear in the internet databases on which other businesses depend.


  • Researchers from individual counties were sent to courthouses all around the nation.
  • Reports that are simple to read
  • Customizable acceptance guidelines


  • No prices are listed on the website; please contact for an estimate.
  • There is neither a resource library nor a blog geared toward educating landlords.
  • There are no reports or samples to look at.

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