The Top CVS Shareholders (CVS): A Complete Guide

Susan Kelly

Jun 24, 2022

Health care solutions firm CVS Health Corporation and its subsidiaries. Pharmaceutical Solutions, Retail/LTC, and Medical Coverage are some of the industry's segments. Pharmacy Services offers a wide variety of PBM solutions, such as plan development and management, commercial pharmacy, and network administration. Prescription medications, as well as a variety of health and beauty aids and general items, are sold in the Retail/LTC section. Conventional, voluntary, and user-directed health insurance goods & services are available in the Health Care Services sector. Fitness & wellbeing services, health insurance, pharmacy services, and prescription medication coverage are all offered by the company. More than 1,300 walk-in medical clinics and a pharmaceutical benefits manager are all part of the company's almost 10,000 retail sites. This blog will go through The Top CVS Shareholders (CVS).

CVS Onwards 2020s


With all of its resources, CVS Health is dedicated to addressing urgent and critical health care requirements caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. The firm has administered more than 15 million COVID-19 tests across 4,700 locations (till January 2021), focusing on eliminating racial health disparities in Black & Hispanic populations. In reaction to COVID-19, the firm has also donated over $60 million in charitable efforts. Employee, neighborhood and public policy programs aimed at improving the lives of Black & other marginalized populations will receive roughly $600 million over the next five years from CVS Health.


Karen S. Lynch will take over as President and CEO of CVS Health from Larry Merlo in February. CVS Health is now administering COVID-19 vaccinations. On-site immunization programs for inhabitants of nursing institutions and assisted-living establishments throughout the United States are now being offered by the corporation in conjunction with CDC. Eventually, over 10,000 CVS Pharmacy stores will be able to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. The business has given a total of 30 million COVID-19 samples and 30 million vaccination doses as of this month.

What Is a Shareholder?

Stockholders are those who possess at least one portion of the company's stock (equity), which is what the term "shareholder" is used to refer to. Shareholders profit from a company's success since they own a portion of it. As a result of rising stock prices or dividend payouts, investors are rewarded. Conversely, when a corporation experiences a loss, its stock price falls, causing investors to lose money or see their portfolios diminish. This post will take a closer look at CVS's top stockholders.

Top Shareholders

Larry J. Merlo

CVS Health Corp.'s chairman, president, and CEO is Larry J. Merlo. In 1990, CVS bought People's Drug, a chain of pharmacies in West Virginia, and Merlo was hired as an on-site deputy supervisor. In little over two decades, Merlo had risen through the ranks to CEO of the world's biggest pharmacy and drugstore business. To build up its health division, CVS has made major purchases, including the $2.2 billion takeovers of Coram, a firm that provides enteral nourishment, and the $12.8 billion buyouts of Omnicare, a firm that provides prescription pharmaceuticals to nursing facilities.

On April 2, 2018, CVS CEO Merlo reported to the SEC that he owned 320,107 shares of the business personally and another 372,165 via a trust, totaling 370,165. Merlo is the biggest individual stakeholder in the corporation, with 700,000 shares.

C. David Brown II

He is CVS's second-largest individual shareholder and serves on the board of directors. Prior to that, Mr. Brown was a member of the board of directors of Caremark Rx, Corporation from March 2002 to March 2007, when the integration agreement between Caremark & CVS Health was finalized. Aside from that, he's a chairman of Rayonier Advanced Materials & a former head of the business Broad and Cassel in Florida. SEC filings show that Brown has 100,252 shares of CVS in his portfolio.

Troyen A. Brennan

Dr. Troyen A. Brennan serves as Aetna's chief medical officer. He is the executive deputy chairman and CMO of the insurance company. Aetna CEO Larry J. Merlo anticipates CVS Health's $68 billion purchase to be finalized eventually this year and has appointed Brennan senior vice president and senior medical officer. As of his April 4, 2018, SEC filing, Brennan owned 84,724 shares in CVS, ranking him as the third-largest stakeholder in the firm.

Helena Foulkes

Retired CVS Pharmacy CEO Helena Foulkes left the firm in February 2018 after holding the post since 2014. In addition to serving as CVS Caremark's executive deputy chairman & senior marketing officer after joining the firm in 1992, Foulkes has held various other positions inside the organization. Saks Fifth Avenue & Lord & Taylor proprietor Hudon's Bay Company appointed Foulkes CEO in February 2019. Even though Foulkes' CVS stock ownership may alter in the future, as of February 17, 2018, she still owns 45,108 shares in the corporation.


CVS Health Corporation provides United States health services. Various health insurance items and services are available via the firm's Health Care Benefits business. People who work part-time or full-time in the private sector, as well as those who work in the public sector, may take advantage of this program. Using the information provided here, you will be able to comprehend the CVS stockholder data better. What are your future plans, then?

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