Best Flood Insurance Companies in 2022

Susan Kelly

Jun 13, 2022

Flood insurance is a kind of property insurance that may cover your building and its contents against flooding caused by heavy rain, storm surges, congested storm drainage systems, and levee dam disaster. Whereas not every family wants disaster insurance, it could be a sensible investment irrespective of where you reside. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says that more than a quarter of people who have filed a claim for flood harm would not even survive in a flood area. Homeowners can get insurance through The NFIP or via private firms. The government creates the foundation for NFIP regulations, giving only little room for customizing. Here are the best flood insurance companies.


GEICO is the best flood insurance provider overall because of its exceptional financial soundness, excellent customer satisfaction rankings, and online quotation and policy access choices. Due to its outstanding financial stability and customer service reputation, GEICO has topped other flood insurance companies as our overall best. GEICO was created during the Great Depression in 1936 to offer insurance to government employees and military personnel. In truth, the company's full name is Government Employees Insurance Company.

Since 1996, it has been an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Fortune's most-admired property and casualty insurer. AM Best rates GEICO as A++ (Superior), Standard & Poor's as AA+, and Moody rate it as Aa1. GEICO uses local agents to sell their products, so clients benefit from having local knowledge on their side. You may get a flood insurance quote online or call to speak with a live specialist. Contact a natural person at the company of your GEICO partner carrier to make a claim.

The National Flood Insurance Administration

Because of the Flood Insurance Agency's (TFIA) transparency, it is the best alternative for commercial flood insurance. You may verify what they cover and don't cover, estimate your costs using a robust online calculator, and customize your coverage outside the NFIP's limits to get equivalent or better coverage for less money. You may insure your company building and commodities against flood with TFIA using an online calculator, which offers the same, if not greater, protection as NFIP insurance at a lower cost.

The Flood Insurance Agency is administered by Lexington Insurance, an AIG affiliate. Since it started in 2013, the business has sold more than $4 billion worth of private disaster insurance. TFIA gets help from AIG's stable finances and high ratings from S&P and AM Best scores. The Flood Insurance Agency insures commercial buildings, residential investment assets like apartment complexes designated "commercial" by investors and lenders, and personal homes. TFIA is an excellent choice for commercial property owners who own apartment buildings since they may design coverage for the structure while enabling renters to carry apartment content coverage.


Assurant takes online service to the next level by making it easy to lodge a claim online. You may also renew your insurance, see policy information, and make an advance payment. Because of their extensive online options, we chose Assurant as our best flood insurance company for online services. Every year, more individuals want the convenience of online purchases and customer service, and insurance companies are no exception. Assurant takes these expectations into account and builds their services with an online approach, which is why we selected them as the best if you want a primarily online experience.

One of the most well-known insurance companies is Assurant Insurance. In 1892, it began as disability insurance and expanded to include flood, renter's, accident, homeowner's, and gadget protection insurance. It all started with disability insurance. The organization has been granted an A rating by AM Best. It is possible to submit claims either online or over the phone. Although you can work with local independent insurance agents in addition to Assurant's online services, the company's online service remains its most valuable asset since it can be accessed around the clock, seven days a week.


Flood insurance may not seem necessary unless you reside in an apparent flood zone (for example, along a river or the beach). However, if there is even a tiny chance that your home may be flooded, you should get this insurance. Why? Flood damage is often excluded from renters and homeowners insurance policies. You must also purchase flood insurance if you reside in a large-risk flood area and get a government-backed loan. Your loan provider may need flood insurance even if you do not have a government-backed mortgage or live in a low-risk flood zone.

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