Developed Countries for Easy Residency or Citizenship

Susan Kelly

Jun 12, 2022

I hope my post on the six nations in which it is simple to get a resident visa was beneficial to you. Check out the nations where citizenship may be obtained with the fewest hoops to jump through if you want to take your residence to the next level.

1. Mexico

Over one million people in the United States can't all be incorrect. The process of obtaining a residence visa in Mexico is simple and inexpensive. Mexico is also the most popular destination, with over ten times more visas granted to residents of the United States than any other country. Mexico is one of only three nations in the world (the others being El Salvador and the Vatican) that does not have any limitations on entering the country based on the presence of covers as of December 2021. Because of this, it is a very appealing alternative for anyone trying to flee the United States or Canada, in particular.

It should be no surprise that Mexican residency is so much sought after. You can drive there, the time zone is the same, there are numerous groups of ex-pats you can become a part of, the cost of living is low, the quality of life and cuisine is incredible (at least in certain regions), and English is widely spoken.

2. Panama

Panama's residency policy has been one of the most straightforward routes to citizenship in the past. It is still possible to get residence in Panama if you are from one of the top 50 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Union, or the United Kingdom; however, you will be required to invest $200,000. This may be accomplished by purchasing real estate or investing in another kind for easy residency. Because this price considers a financed purchase, the real amount that must be paid upfront may be far less than $200,000 to get a foot in the door.

You are eligible to apply for citizenship and a second passport once you have lived in the country for five years. It is near becoming a Tier-A passport in terms of the number of countries that will let you enter without a visa if you have a Panamanian passport. If you want a better passport, you'll need to consider investing between 500,000 and 1 million Euros in a nation like Portugal. This will allow you to apply for a higher-quality passport.

3. Belize

The residence scheme for retirees in Belize is one of the most straightforward in the world. Through Belize's QRP program, you may become a resident of the developed countries if you have guaranteed payments totaling around $2,000 per month and meet certain other requirements.

4. New Zealand

Belize is heading in the opposite direction that New Zealand is heading. This nation is looking to increase its population of young people. The process of obtaining a resident visa in New Zealand is made much simpler for those between the ages of 18 and 30. Young people from Western countries may get a "working vacation" visa from New Zealand, which gives them a year to travel across the country. You can apply for a new visa or go back home after your current one expires after 12 months. When I applied for this visa on my own in 2005, I had one of the most incredible experiences of my whole life.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Many digital nomads call Bali their home because it has the most relaxed lifestyle of all the places on our list. When you combine this with the cheap cost of living, excellent internet, and one of the simplest visas, it is easy to understand why Bali is such a popular destination, particularly among young people who are knowledgeable about technology.

Although there is no simple route to citizenship in Indonesia as there is in Panama, a "social visa" is fairly simple to get. This residence visa has a maximum validity of six months and is extendable once. To extend your visa, you must go to the embassy in Singapore (the airfare will cost you around $100), wait three days, and then return home with a new six-month visa.

6. Nicaragua

Think about visiting Nicaragua if you don't qualify for a visa for friendly countries in Panama or if you decide that Panama isn't the place for you. This nation offers one of the visas with the lowest costs, a pathway to citizenship, and the quickest route to obtaining permanent status. Anyone may become a resident of Nicaragua as long as they put $35,000 towards the country's effort to reforest the country's deforested areas.

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